Saving Money On Cell Phone Service By Sharing Minutes

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Many cell phone carriers claim to have the best plans at affordable prices, but how can you tell which one is the best? Comparing each of the main carriers gives you a good idea of what features you need, and what you can afford, but it can be tedious. The best way to save money on a cell phone plan is to buy a shared minute plan and split the bill with your friends and family.

All three carriers Sprint, T-Moble and Verizon, usually add their most frequently requested features to their shared minute and family calling plans, so looking at family plans can save you money. Many of the plans offer free web browsing and data, so if your phone can act as a hub, you can use it for unlimited internet service at home, or work, and save some money extra money there.

The Samsung Replenish Android Eco-Friendly Smartphone

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Samsung Replenish is one successful way to go green. Made from recycled and recyclable materials, the packaging and the device itself is Eco-friendly. An optional solar charger and Sprint’s Green ID Pack adds more to the idea of what the phone sets sights on. It is not high end as experts may consider but with its full QWERTY keypad, 2 mega-pixel camera, 2.8 inch QVGA touchscreen and WiFi capabilities, Replenish is something that is going to surprisingly compete with other Android Smartphones on the entry level. The design is Blackberry-like, a little tall but easy to carry around and it is a convenient device for communication. Its fluid and responsive operation with a full range of customization options is a mobile experience that goes beyond expectations of well-experienced Android enthusiasts.

Sprint Rumored To Be Offering Unlimited Plan For iPhone 5

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Bloomberg released a story this week that Sprint is thinking of offering an unlimited data and calling plan for the iPhone5 when it comes out. And, according to a story from, Sprint is slated to release their iPhone5 on the 1st of October. The new Sprint iPhone5 unlimited calling and data plan should help raise sales and stock prices for Sprint, who has lost money the last 15 quarters in a row. Also, since Consumer Reports readers have reported in a user survey, that Sprint’s service is up there with Verizon’s, and AT&T’s service has slipped to the bottom of the wireless carrier pack, they may be able to pick up a significant amount of AT&T’s current iPhone users.

Gmail Tweet Translation Services

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OK, I’m sure that Google and Twitter aren’t too happy with the title of this post, but so what, it’s true. I figured out how to translate my Tweets, using my Gmail account and a little digging in the help files. If you get Tweets in other languages, you can auto translate them by sending them to your Gmail account, and then accessing them via your mobile phone through Gmail for Mobile. All you have to do is to go to the LABS tab in your Gmail account and scroll down to the Translation Application, and clicking save. Once it’s active, any time you get an email or Tweet in another language, you will be asked if you want to translate it to your default language. Once you translated it, there will be a tab at the top of your email asking you if you want to auto-translate from that language to your default language going forward.

See, I told you it was easy…

Cash Saving Mobile Phone Insurance Comparison

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If you’ve ever had to reluctantly fork out to switch out your cellular telephone, say if it ended up being lost or stolen you will be aware that it’s the kind of outlay of money which you could live without.

People who have iphones tend to be especially worried about this, as a result of high replacement valuation and as a result Apple Company smartphone owners are exactly the sort of people who need to look closely at mobile phone insurance programs.

For those who have insurance packages for your new iPhone 4 or various other types of mobile phone, you’ll be able to chill out because you know that if you have a issue with your mobile phone you simply won’t have to pay a large amount of cash to have it swapped out.

If you would like to save yourself cash, get on the net today and compare mobile phone insurance before it really is far too late, Almost certainly you will be happy that you did.