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Disposal Practices Of Consumer Electronics

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Consumer electronics run the gambit from personal computers and mobile phones, to MP3 players, televisions and wireless services. What most do not think about when considering purchasing electronics is what they will do with them once they break or are no longer valuable.

Every year, the United States alone generates almost 3 million tons of commodity and electronic waste (or e-waste) from the disposal of obsolete, defective or damaged devices. To get a better idea of where all that e-waste goes after it is thrown away and what it means to you and the environment, let’s do some investigation.

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Because of the difficulty and cost of recycling electronics, as well as spotty enforcement of legislation regarding e-waste exports, vast amounts of used electronics have been sent to countries such as China, Kenya and India.

Lower environmental standards and working conditions make processing e-waste more profitable yet dangerously hazardous in those countries. Being mindful of e-waste disposal is a big concern. There are facilities out there that specifically deal with this hazardous material correctly.

When bluetooth phones are handled and sorted properly, e-waste is a valuable source of secondary raw materials. However, they are a major contributor of toxins and carcinogens when clumsily treated.

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Fast paced technology changes, low initial cost and actual planned obsolescence have given way to a growing problem around the globe. Uncontrolled burning, disassembly without safety measures in place, and haphazard disposal practices are causing environmental and health problems.

Waste from consumer electronics like cordless phone batteries contains PCBs, cadmium, mercury and lead. Those substances are highly toxic and carcinogenic. When carelessly handled, they can contaminate our food and water supply and enter our food chain.

Burning of these products causes toxic fumes to be emitted. This furthers the depletion of the ozone, as well as creating the potential of inhalation by humans and animals. PCBs have been shown to cause cancer, while cadmium, lead and mercury affect the central nervous system, which can cause cell damage and renal failure.

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Think about it the next time you indiscriminately throw away those cordless phone batteries or that camcorder that is older than your parents. Proper disposal through an e-waste recycler helps save our environment.

With the potential for mercury, cadmium and lead leaching into the soil and contaminating the food chain, as well as PCB exposure causing cancer, some thoughtful consideration of use, reuse and disposal of consumer electronics is essential.

Buying A Used Palm Treo Phone

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

With the economy being the way it is today, it is essential that we save money on everything possible. One way to save money is by purchasing a refurbished cell phone, rather than a new one. A factory refurbished phone is restored back to new as far as the settings and memory, but has been used before, which means that it may have signs of wear like scratches or marks. These phones are often much less expensive than new ones, which will allow you to save money for more important things, like gas, food, and utilities.

A refurbished treo offers you all of the features that you need to stay in communication for work or for your normal life. Whether you are texting, IMing, emailing, or phoning your friends, you will be able to do it all on your refurbished treo. It can offer you an almost like new phone at a budget price for your communication wants and needs.

A used cell phone offers another benefit as well. Buying a used phone keeps the phone out of the landfill, where it can leech chemicals into the soil and into the water supply. By doing your part environmentally, you can make the world safer for your family and the plants and animals. If you encourage others to consider refurbished phones as well, you can increase your impact.

The great thing about purchasing a refurbished phone is that they are often the latest models. This can give you a phone that is at the height of technology at a price that you can afford. No matter what model that you have been wishing for, you are sure to find it in a refurbished model to keep yourself on budget. Look at the new Treos and then look for the one you want from a reputable dealer that offers used treo phones to find the exact one that you are desiring. The selection of refurbished Treos is just as varied as the new ones, which is great for you, as the consumer.

An Easy Method To Find A Person By Means Of A Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup Service

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

There are a mixture of reasons why people want to find others by telephone number. Imagine that you’re in the mood to relax since it’s a Friday evening and you’re supposed to spend time with your family for weekend bonding. All Of A Sudden the phone rings breaking the silence of the night and you hurry to answer it and there is silence on the other side. Either you have been a victim of joke calls or that you only want to make known the caller that you don’t seem to be familiar with.

Tip: reverse cell phone number lookup

What can help you find individuals by telephone number are the area code and the 7 digit number, however, you must also know where to begin your search. It is advisable to make use of the free reverse phone directories which are widely accessible by pressing the search button once you have entered the complete number. You can easily sort out the identity of the phone owner and its location if the number is from a landline and discovered listed on a public domain, however, your struggle to locate individuals by telephone number doesn’t totally end there. It is more likely that you’ll only get meaningless results from using free directories if it happens that the number is not coming from a landline since it could either come from a cell, a VoIP or an unlisted number. So what else could you possibly do to trace the owner of the telephone?

Tip: find a person by phone number

For the certainty and guaranteed success of your search, go for a paid service. While the service is not that costly, you can be entirely sure that you would discover all the information you want about the owner of the phone. This happens to be the most positive means to find individuals by telephone number as their data base is updated all the time and they provide you with the latest real-time data. No Matter of whether it is a cellphone or a landline number, you are assured of complete data after your search.

Tip: reverse telephone number lookup

If this falls short of your expectations, go for their database of extensive individuals search. This information data bank would supply you with all the essential data so that you could compile a sound background check of the phone owner and this could hone your own investigation skills further. The procedure to find people by phone number using the reverse search process is in reality as easy as a walk in the park and not complex as numerous would like to believe. Once you have paid up the fees, you have limitless access for endless searches in the members’ area as well as a complete phone report. Type out the entire number, press search and the results are displayed right away.

Which Mobile Phone Is For Me?

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

The cellular phone industry is advancing day by day and there is lots of changing been done everyday. It is a fact that often the consumer is purchasing a cellular phone more based in getting the latest technology than just getting the right telephone according to its needs. To have a cellular phone is a need than just a nice gadget.

Most of the phones that are available for free ask you to sign for their service for around a year or two and even you have to purchase a costly connection from the reverse cell phone number lookup. In fact a cellular phone is not free actually but it is shown as it is. Because there are so many hidden costs that at times you have to pay more than what the cellular phone costs.

Keeping the very view in mind a lot of us receive offers of a free cellular phone everyday either on web or in our mails and most of us are very much interested in this. It is important to learn to choose well among the big universe that the cellular phone industry has to offer, a knowledge that will save you money over time. But in most of the cases, mail-in rebates are known to be a big hassle as it takes a lot of time in most cases more than 8 weeks. But we tend to forget that there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

The quality of most of the phones that are available for free are either of bad quality or have bad quality batteries e.g. with a heavier weight. In such case you get a connection for a longer period with a much costly price than you have to. In some cases even you have to purchase a connection from the company with which the reverse cell phone number lookup has a contract.

That is why whenever you lookout to purchase one cell phone free of cost, then do check out the above things and you will never have to face a problem. Most of us, who purchase mobiles looking to save money end up paying a lot more than what is been desired. Often it just stops working and sometime you really have to pay a double price for what you have bought.

Jim Francisto
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Which Battery To Use For Mobile Phones

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Unlike many other important things that you need to lookout while buying a cellular phone set, the one that is far most important is the mobile phone battery.

The good the cell phone battery is it can give your life a positive look and the worst the cell phone battery is, it can make your life a hell because of the different problems that you will undergo because of that. It is because of the very fact that mobile batteries come in various weights, lifetime, talk time and thickness.
There are three major types of batteries that are currently available in the market.

Lithium-Ion or Li-ion Batteries
One of the much popular and advanced cellular phone batteries available right now, Li-ON batteries are known more for their sleek weight as well as for longer time. They have a longer cell phone battery time and have a long standby time that has given a kick back to the previously used technology of NiMH batteries. Though they are expensive but due to the advantages that it provides they are fast becoming popular.

Lithium Polymer Batteries
They are the most advanced type of batteries that can only be seen in handful of models. They are not commonly available because of their higher price, but they have an edge over all the other batteries because of been lighter and long lasting than the used one.

Nickel Metal Hydride Battery
It is an old technology based cell phone battery that is fast fading out because of their low power and low talk time. Along with that, the other problem with these batteries is of weight that is considerable more than the batteries used now. Because of the fading technology they are quite cheaper than the latest Li-ion Batteries who have replaced them. The other problem of these batteries is the energy drainage that gets drained very fast and loses the power that it has with the passage of time. Because of these factors they are not much used now.

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