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The Importance Of Researching Refurbished Cellular Phones

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Refurbished cell phones are growing in popularity these days. They’re a fantastic way to get the phone that you want at an affordable price. Some retailers use the term “refurbished” loosely and might have sub-par quality phones that they’re offering as “refurbished” models. Doing due dilligence and learning about the phone that you want as well as the retailer before you purchase is always a good idea.

The best place to find quality refurbished cellular phones is from the manufacturers themselves, or from any retailer who offers refurbishes cellular phones that come directly from the mobile providers. When you find a phone you hope to purchase, ask questions. Find out what condition the phone is in, and ask what problems there were with the phone before it was refurbished. See how many people owned the phone before it made it to their store. Ask about any cosmetic flaws or defects that may cause any issues with the phone’s appearance or usability.

Finally, you should always look to get a warranty on your refurbished phone at no additional cost. Any good vendor will offer a warranty (typically 30-60 days) on the phone to ensure you get a product you are happy with and that is fully functional. If there is no warranty offer, you should strongly consider looking elsewhere as you could easily get stuck with a malfunctioning phone.

So What Exactly Is A Bag Phones?

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

Bag phones were first manufactured in 1992. Considered as probably the earliest models of the portable cell phone, the phones became popular for the boaters, truckers, and people living in the countryside. One of the earliest manufacturers of the bag phones was Motorola. These phones have proven to be durable, and believe it or not, some of them are actually exist and still in use to date.

The reason why these phones were named “bag phones” is because the phones’ handsets are attached to the transceivers and battery packs which also included to cases. The earlier models of the bag phones were too bulky, but after sometime, Motorola was able to trim the size and it became more sellable. The LCD display of bag phones are also lit by orange or green LED backlights with the numbers in black and white. Users found that a disadvantage of the backlights was when they went out even just after a few seconds of use. Motorola also came up with about a dozen styles of the bag phones.

The leather case of the bag phones also had several pockets, and included a cardboard material inside to make the case solid. The several pockets included the pocket for the battery, a pocket for the manual, a sleeve for the pen (which can also be used for the antenna), and finally a spare pocket for a notepad to jot down notes. The bag phones can also be permanently placed in cars, so that people on the go can use the bag phones whenever, wherever.

More Great Info On The Classic Bag Phone

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

If you haven’t heard about bag phone yet, they are simply phones that look like handsets. They are much bigger than the light and slim mobile phones in the market nowadays, but a lot of people still opt to buy them because they can be useful for some. This is especially true for others whose jobs entail commuting to different places frequently.

Like most cell phones, the 3-Watt bag phone can be charged inside the car with the help of the cigarette adapter. The phone has a swivel spike antenna which is detachable and is handy when finding a signal for the phone to communicate clearly anytime of the day. Weighing about 10 lbs, the shoulder strap is an optional accessory for it. It also has a caller identifier feature which is very important especially for recognizing the caller, as well as the conference calling option, which can accommodate up to five callers.

The assisted global positioning services can be used for emergency purposes, and the 8mm character height can be easily used to drop a line or two when sending emails or text messages. Since there are only a few network operators who carry the bag phone, there are also refurbished units that they sell around. The phone also comes with a manual which can be used for troubleshooting the phone, as well as changing the settings.

Bottom line is, the bag phone is easy to use, and very practical if you don’t mind using a slightly bulkier mobile phone than the usual.

Let’s Talk About Bag Phone

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

When people see the bag phone for the first time, they might think that it might bee too bulky for a cellular phone. But for people who live in remote areas where there is weak cell phone signal, the bag phone is the practical choice. Here are a few reasons why:

Its large, well-lighted keypad makes it a breeze for the user to make calls, send text messages, browse web sites, or simply use the phone. Its 96 x 64 pixel screen also has an adjustable contrast and brightness options that you can custom to your liking. Aside from the two-way navigation pad and the bilingual settings (French and English), among the bag phone’s unique but well-liked features are the “Restrict my phone number” and “Show my ID on next call” features. These features are not to encourage prank calls but to provide privacy and anonymity for the user.

The two-way short messaging service has a built in T9 dictionary which is very easy to use, especially if sending text messages prove to be a learning curve for you. The phone also has a built-in calculator for last-minute expenses calculation, and the phone has a lot of settings that you can tweak. Among them are the screensavers and wallpapers you can set (just like with any other colored phones nowadays).

If you are tinkering with the phone for the first time and accidentally changed a setting, then the bag phone has a “Reset Phone” option to restore the factory settings of the mobile phone.

Search Cell Phone Numbers Without Hiring A Private Investigator

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Every now and then we will have the need to research someone’s information. It is possible that you may have lost an old friend and the only ties you have to them is an old cell phone number. Maybe you are just curious about disturbing phone calls that you have been receiving. Either one of these problems may cause you to want to hire a private investigator.

It used to be that private investigators were the only option you had whenever you wanted to lookup someone. Most people had no way of having access to the databases that we have today, nor did they know anything about a reverse telephone search. Things have changed drastically, not only are databases more accessible, we can now access databases by doing a reverse telephone lookup using a cell phone number. Slowly but surely the need for the private investigator is becoming obsolete.

The advantages of being able to do your own search relieve you of the financial responsibility of hiring an investigator. Private investigators charge you for their services in three ways. First you will pay them for their knowledge of where they find the information. Secondly, you’ll have to pay them for getting the info. Third, you will to pay them for the time they spent working on your case, which is usually a high hourly wage. Ultimately you would have paid hundreds or even thousands for something you could have done from the comforts of you computer for far less money.

The same information that private investigators are able to access is no longer private. This information is available to anyone with an internet connection through a program called Reverse Phone Detective. What that means is that you can play the part of a private investigator by just having someone’s cell phone number.

Amazingly this system is easy to set up, you simply pay a one time fee to register and you will access to the database to make multiple searches. Compared to the much larger fee you would have paid, you will now be able to do a reverse phone search with a landline or cell phone search whenever you choose without paying a private investigator every time.

The lookup of telephone numbers system will also provide you with name, address and family members in your search. So in essence you will be cancelling the middle man, spending less cash and getting results at your fingertips.

The service provided by the reverse phone lookup will give you the convenience of looking up valuable information in the comforts of your home office.

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