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Used Cell Phones: CDMA vs GSM Networks

Friday, July 31st, 2009

By purchasing used cell phones from a third party, you avoid the need to sign up for a new contract with a cellular provider (typically 1 or 2 years). Instead, you can approach the provider with a phone that you buy on your own and have them activate it and completely bypass any conversations about a contract – allowing you to move to a different provider at a later date if you choose to without paying steep cancellation fees.

Sound like a good idea? Did I mention that used phones are significantly cheaper than new ones? Before buying a used phone, you need to understand the different types of technology that are used in cell phones before you buy a refurbished or used cell phone. More importantly, you need to know what technology your preferred provider operates on.

Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology has long been the dominant technology for mobile networks in North America and Asia. However, Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) technology us currently used in both North America, Asia, and the majority of other continents. It is estimated that 85% of the global market uses phones on a GSM platform, meaning that there are many more phones made for that technology.

It is not too hard to tell one type of phone from another. GSM phones use a SIM card and CDMA phones do not. If you buy a used blackberry made for GSM networks, activating it is as simple as putting your SIM card (which you get from your provider) into the new (used) phone. The phone will then be able to connect to the network that the SIM card is associated with. This is particularly advantageous for people that do a lot of international travel as you can avoid expensive roaming fees by getting a prepaid SIM card for the international network you plan to operate on.

Activating a used CDMA cell phone is slightly more difficult, but still relatively simple. The process is simple enough to explain, but the reality is that you will either need to visit a local store for your provider or call their customer support, who will walk you through the process.

Not sure what type of phone is best for you? Well, that choice will ultimately come down to your own personal preference or may be impacted by the fact that you already have an existing line with a certain provider that you want to keep. Alternatively, you can compare the carriers based on your criteria of needs and pick the best fit before you begin searching for a phone that is compatible with the technology that they use.

In terms of service, both technologies offer similar levels of coverage area, call quality, and data transfer speeds. Of course, the amount of coverage you get will be dependent on your provider, not necessarily the phone that you choose. If you do a lot of traveling, make sure that you ask your provider about roaming fees, as these can get expensive.

Last but not least, you need to keep in mind the features and applications that you plan to use on the phone. Certain features or phones are only able to work fully on one network (like the iPhone) and some providers charge extra to use certain features, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself in to up front to avoid surprises on the bill down the road. And, remember to only buy used AT&T phones from reputable dealers (like those that offer a warranty) and/or trusted sources.

Everything You Need to Understand about Free Conference Call Services

Monday, July 27th, 2009

If you are willing to be able to talk with other people inexpensively, free conference call service will be the smart option for you. This is the most advantageous gear that you can make use of to maintain your relationship with your family or your friends all over the country or even all around the world. Besides, you can also use the free conference call service to make a virtual reunion with your friends or families.

In the recent times, free phone conference calls are well liked as they are commonly used by many people as well as companies. Surely, there are many people that are now able to spread out and still communicate each other. With free conference call services, you can communicate any time you want as long as and as often as you want.

Where to Get Free Conference Call Services

A quick internet search should offer you with a list of free conference call services. Be sure you check to see if the free conference call services apply for international calls as well as domestic, if this uses to your case. Just imagine if you have friends in China, Korea, Japan, Ireland and England, and even several here in the states.

With a free conference call service, imagine being able to talk to them all at once. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Surely, you’d have to schedule the call around the time differences, but it will bring you all together again. You just have to find a free conference call service that will allow you to call whomever you want.

Through Your Computer

You can also acquire services that allow you to make free conference calls through your computer. With a computer and an internet connection, you can make the same kind of conference calls with these free conference call services.

There is also terrific thing that that you can do with your computer for free conference call service. Surely, you can also make use of a web cam to talk while seeing the person you are talking to at the same time. Imagine seeing all your friends again no matter where you all happen to live as you talk to them free of charge. It would be like you are all in the same room although you live thousands of miles apart.

Thus, all you should do now is getting a free conference call service to connect you with all people you should communicate with. With this service, you will be able to talk as long as you want or call as often as you need without worrying about the cost that you should pay for.

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Wireless IP Phone: Attaining Excellent Retailer for Superb Product

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

If you are hooked on VoIP Internet phone and planning to buy a wireless IP phone, you then will need to know about where to go to find the perfect one for you. Actually, there are a couple various retailers of wireless IP phone that will be worth for you to see. Some of them will be explained in detail here.

VoIP Supply

When it comes to search for a wireless IP phone or any other device of IP or VoIP, the first place you have to explore is the VoIP Supply Company. This company is known as the leading online retailer of VoIP hardware and software components. The good thing is that they also maintain a call center of trained sales as well as engineering personnel. So, whenever you oblige any help or have any question with regard to wireless IP phone, they are always ready to assist you.

They also offer you a plentiful of VoIP components. Included are network components, the largest online product catalog of VoIP products, power, cabling and accessories, pre-sales support including technical assistance and service, convenient online ordering and live sales support, domestic and international shipping, including drop shipments and blind shipments, post sales support, including customer service RMA and tech support, as well as real time reports detailing activity and tracking.


The ShopBot is another company that is also significant checking out for a wireless IP phone. One of their best selling wireless IP phone devices is the Netgear SPH200D, this being a dual-mode cordless phone with which you can make and receive traditional calls as well as VoIP calls.

With DECT cordless technology, you will get crystal clear voice quality as well as longer range. So, simply by connecting the base to your phone line and router, you can utilize the wireless IP phone to make phone calls or Skype calls. You are able to handle your contact list and see who is available to talk to, and use premium services such as SkypeIn, SkypeOut, as well as Skype Voicemail.

You can decide to go with any kind of phone, but the most important thing you have to remember before making the switch is to check all different benefits that you are going to receive from the product. The VoIP service including wireless IP phone becomes not really popular recently and it is quite surprising with regard to its benefits over regular phone service. However, it is reasonable enough as not many people are well-educated with regard to the VoIP services as well as what it has to offer.

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iPhone Insurance Policies Can Save You Cash if You Break Your New 3G-S

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

The latest iPhone model has now been launched; the iPhone 3G s with its quicker operating speed and fantastic new video capture functions, the 3GS really is something else in the mobile phone market.

It is worth noticing the higher price tag of the iPhone 3G S, as with all the latest versions or models of any electrical equipment, the price will undoubtedly go up; the latest edition to the iPhone family offers no change to this trend, with the 3GS model significantly larger price tag than its older relation. So it is worth considering iphone insurance 3g to protect your new 3G-S iPhone right from the start.

The higher price leaves the new owner with a question, and thats weather they should protect their new 3GS iPhone from common occurrences like loss, theft and accidental damage, with an individual iphone insurance policy, alternative protection can be included within your household contents insurance as the replacement cost will be the best part of 400 pounds.

What can make the prosess all the more harder, is that there is so many variables that could make some of the iPhone insurance cover options better for one person, yet on the other hand, for another person, this could not be the best option available. Now lets take a peek at the different insurance cover for the new 3GS, for different people in different circumstances.

The first option we should look at is including your iPhone on your home contents insurance policy. This is an obvious first choice and may well be a good option for many iPhone owners, that is, indeed, if you actually have home contents insurance in the first place, as many people tend to take a gamble on this, especially younger people in rented houses. One point to clarify before you get iPhone insurance cover through your content insurance, is the excess charge in the event of a claim and, secondly, if a claim for three or four hundred on you contents insurance, will the price rocket next year, as you may well loose your no claims bonus.

Secondly, is the 3G S iPhone Cover you will be offered when you first take out your iPhone contract. This is an area where caution is needed, as phone sales staff are trying to push their companies insurance on you to meet there sales quota. You will almost always find, this will be the most expensive cover and may not cover you for what is really needed, like loss and water damage. At this point you would be better asking for a written copy of the insurance terms and conditions, sitting down and reading them, rather than taking the sales reps word for it, you may well be shocked.

Thirdly is the specialist 3GS iPhone Insurance cover. The stand alone type of iphone cover 3G is more often than not cheaper than the network providers insurance and often provides enhanced cover, making really good value for money.

Buzzirk Mobile powered by Zer01 Mobile is Offers Unlimited Mobile Service.

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

buzzirk mobile with no question is changing the world of telecommunications as we know it. Their recent partnership will blow away any plan, rate or provider out there.

Buzzirk Mobile powered by Zer01 Mobile is offering for the first time a truly Unlimited Mobile Service.

* Unlimited Voice / Data Transfer / Texting / Internet (24/7)
* Unlimited Calling to the US and Canada for Domestic Plan, $79.95 a month with US origination.
* Unlimited Calling to US/Canada and 40 other countries with the International Plan, $89.95 a month with US Origination.
* Cutting-edge Technology
* Pre-pay for Service Month by Month
* No Contracts
* No Added Fees
* No Credit Checks
* No Need for Rollover
* No Carrier Can Compare
* No fine print with limited Acceptable Use Policies
* Zer01 Mobile is the carrier and not a reseller
* Call Broadcast – Need to relay information quickly and reliably to a group of people without the hassle of calling them all? Use Call Broadcasting feature to send out a message simultaneously to up to 30 people.
* Custom Caller ID w/Name – Custom Caller ID allows you to set whatever Caller ID you would like for specific numbers that call your home.
* Softphone Access – Softphone access allows you to run a program on your computer that enables you to use your desktop or laptop as a telephone.
* Distinctive Ring – This feature allows you to set a specific ring pattern to identify that a certain person is calling.
* Web-Based Call Logs – Whether you want to review your monthly billing information or just see who you have been talking to, all of your phone logs including who, where, when, and for how long, are available for real time viewing via your web-based administration account.

There are 35+ feature in total obviously way to much to list here, but the point is that this phone plan and phone itself is so next generation I can’t even describe it.

Right now we are actively looking for new distributors to help spread the world about this carrier. We have obtained approx 30K distributors in under 2 months and are expecting well over 100K by December of 2009. If you have any network marketing experience or are looking to make some money at home then feel free to contact us at our buzzirk mobile website and position yourself with our team of marketing specialists.