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Five Steps A Senior Citizen Can Use To Gain Education Of Technology

Monday, August 31st, 2009

When Lauren went to her charging station to grab her portable music player she thought she had forgotten to plug it in when she went to charge it. Its display was dark and so she did a fast examination of the other electronics resting in the charger. Her IPhone screen lit up with the touch of a button, as did her PDA. As she looked into it, she quickly realized it was just her music device that was not working. She began to research places to go for IPod parts and service. She couldn’t imagine being without it for a considerable amount of time. Her grandmother, with whom she lived, was just the reverse. She was simply beleaguered by technology and felt that people her age were sometimes left behind when attempting to stay updated. Lauren’s grandmother thought about trying to be more technically knowledgeable but was not sure where to even begin. The following are tips for those who are older who desire knowledge about some current strides in technology:

1. Take classes at the Community Center or Senior Citizen’s Center. Many communities now offer senior classes or workshops free of charge to anyone wishing to learn. Why not combine group contact with others of the same age while gaining knowledge that will help you find the way out of the confusion of new technology?
2. View online lessons at product websites. They are free and are available 24/7 so a person can go to them whenever the mood strikes and get valuable instruction. A website is bound to give attention to detail to make the company’s product easy to understand and appealing. This is where it might be feasible to learn about merchandise add ons that could make it easier to use and more practical to charge and store.
3. Ask a grandchild or neighborhood student for help. Young people are given early training in school and it’s easy for them to pass on the teaching received to an inquiring senior citizen. This is also a fun way to bond with a younger person due to a shared interest. Never underestimate the reality that the child may truly benefit from spending time with an older person who contributes to his or her self-worth by validating technological talents the student has.
4. Don’t be afraid to try something that could be frightening. Many times the languagesurrounding computers, cells, music devices, etc. can be hard to decipher but usually it sounds more complicated and daunting than it really is. Like everything else that is new and unknown, new technology devices can be easily explained by form and function and become something to enjoy.
5. Keep an open mind. This is such an important element to any new activity. Older people can easily be overwhelmed and just give up when attempting to learn about new products but this is so counterproductive. As we age, these same products can make our lives easier by connecting us to loved ones, enabling us to shop from home, and allowing us to research ideas without leaving the comfort of home.

Acquiring The Perfect LG Phone For Yourself

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

LG Phones help to marry technology that is at the forefront of the cellphone industry with unique and cutting edge designs. The cellphones and various accessories are very advanced compared to some other cellphone companies. They are popular within the United States and abroad. LG is working to bring its customer base connectivity at high rates of speed utilizing EVDO and HSPDA technology.

At this time it is in the lead as the quickest growing cellphone company in the country. LG holds over twenty-seven percent of the domestic market in cellphones with sales of over nineteen million cellphones just within the CDMA market. Another 2.2 million GSM cellphones have been sold for use. Their cellphones are offered in a variety of colors, styles, and platforms by which to be used.

Benefits Offered to Customers by LG

One great thing that LG provides to their customer is the cell phone chooser option. It allows customers to choose the right LG unit for them by simply taking a simple test. There are twenty questions that you need to answer and the results will show the top five options that suits you perfectly. This helps you narrow down your choice. LG even offers special interest phone such as the Iron Man phone and the Prada phone. This is especially suited for customers who are looking for this type of unit. Touch screen options are popular among LG cell phones. By having one, you can be sure that you will have a mix of entertainment and class right in your fingertips.

Some Current LG phones being Offered

This is a top favorite of customers everywhere. Incorporating a sleek design with a barrage of features, you can be sure that the Chocolate will satisfy all of your cell phone needs. Not only does it have touch screen functions, but it incorporates a music player as well as a video player. A camcorder and a 1.3 megapixel camera are also incorporated in the unit, making sure that you can use your phone for any special event you may have.

LG Fusic allows the user to carry along music to any destination. It is the only cellphone in America to utilize an FM transmitter. It’s speed is perpetuated by EVDO connection with quick download times and the ability to get the most up to date music. Added features to the phone are Bluetooth capability and it is a one stop entertainment system all within the packaging of a cellphone.

V by LG offer the most up to date in strides in cellphone technology. The V by LG uses V Stream for allowing users to view video footage from their phone and the capability of download. The V comes equipped with a cutting edge MP3 player and speakers. A miniSD storage card allows the user to file away pictures and videos to watch at a later date. The VZ navigator employs GPS technology to let the user know where they are and give directions when requested.

The LG Migo has a special function where parents can keep in touch with their children even if they are in school. It features several key emergency speed dialing options in the interest of child safety. When travelling with the Migo phone, parents can always trace where their children are. It keeps track of the child within a certain range; if they do move out of that range the parent is automatically alerted. This helps parents know where their children are.

Wireless Device Overview: GSM Cell Phones

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

A GSM Cell Phone is very useful. GSM Cell Phones are one of the most widely used cell phones in the world. They are widely utilized because of their amazing functionalities. Eighty percent of all the phones in the market are GSM phones. With such a large number of subscribers it is no secret that GSM phones provides an amazing service that offers a lightning fast worldwide connection. GSM phones are known for their far reaching international wireless network. Anyone who travels a lot or has family overseas can utilize a GSM phone to great lengths. Their phones will work anywhere in the world, which is no small feat.

One of the most useful aspects of GSM phones is their utilization of SIM cards. A SIM card is a memory card which a person can use to save all their important information on such as contact list, media downloaded, pictures taken, etc. When that person needs to change or switch phones they can simply remove the SIM card place it into their new phone and have all their information immediately loaded into the new phone. A person without a GSM phone has to physically transfer all their information into the new phone. GSM phones are very popular. They make worldwide talking very simple and easy.

Review Of The Smartflip Cell Phone

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Verizon Cell Phones are one of the many phones out in the market. There are many phones a person can choose from when selecting a proper device. One such device is the I-Mate Smartflip phone.

The newest addition for I-mate is the Smartflip, a communication device intended for both work and play. It is ready for both GPRS and EDGE and includes a clamshell design with a flat keypad similar to the Motorola RAZR along with a backlight. The phone is lightweight at only 99 grams and runs Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system like all of I-Mates handheld phones. This model also has “Direct Push” technology that allows them to access their Outlook e-mail, calendar, contacts and tasks provided their company is running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP2. The software that comes with the Smartflip doesn’t include viewing functions for MS office documents but it includes “ClearVue” viewer that allows user to read Word, Excel, PDF and PowerPoint documents from wherever they are.

The Smartflip also has Bluetooth that allows them to transfer files from other Bluetooth devices in the area. The storage capacity can be increased by adding a microSD card into the slot that is already provided. The cards can increase memory up to 512 Mbytes. The phone is elegant, beautiful and with functionality perfect for any professional with an active lifestyle. Priced at approximately $517, this Smartflip is competitive with other similar phones by other manufacturers.

Htsc S740 Cell Phone Review

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Cell phones are very popular in this day and age. There are many providers releasing cell phones every so often. Verizon Cell Phones are among the most popular. Another type of sought after cell phone is the HTC S740.

The newest entry to the HTC line of cell phones is the HTC S740. Right up to date in technological advances, the S740 has both a standard keypad in front and a QWERTY keyboard that slides out in order to allow speed when sending messages. Some of the important features of the S740 include a 3.2 megapixel camera, Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system, microSD slot, Wifi, GPS navigational system, pocket office, an MP3 player and Bluetooth capabilities. There is a lot of power for a phone the size of the S740.

Like many of the newer phones, the S740 includes both a standard 12-key keypad for one-handed messaging as well as a full QWERTY keyboard making it the perfect choice for those who need the additional keyboard for email or extensive messaging. The S740 has the same sleek design as the HTC Touch Diamond. It is a slimline smartphone with a 2.4” QVGA screen and a QWERTY keyboard that slides out when it is needed. It’s slim and sleek look make it not only a great phone to use but a design that makes it a beautiful phone to see as well. For those who want both slim and sleek as well as powerful, this is a great smartphone in which to invest.