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Could Companies Use A Mobile Phone Jammer For Staff To Protect Data

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Might it be ethical to block employees portable phones when at work with sensitive data, by the means of a mobile phone jammer?

Seeing as technology progresses, it becomes more difficult to protect ones privateness. Our individual data is being logged in a large manor of fashion, with the establishments that are actually collecting our data, are not actually sure quite what they are in fact going to do with all this data in the long term.

On the flip side of this, establishments are on an uphill battle to protect the data that they keep regarding us from their own staff, who may be lured to attempt and use peoples individual data for their own monetary rewards, or indeed, to accept offers from organised criminal groups in trade for money.

A easy illustration might be a help desk operator who we have called of our own accord, with say our financial institution with regard to the objective of this illustration. The employee has their portable telephone in the top pocket of their clothing or blouse, its ring tone is set on noiseless and auto answer is allowed. Connected parties can merely call the portable phone at will, the cell phone will on auto-pilot answer and the Third party may merely listen to the call centre reading out and duplicating you sensitive security questions and other individual data, directly into the hands of the criminal.

So what are the options to this all too common issue? Well, you might suspend all portable phones from coming into the call center in the first place, that would certainly work to decrease this issue, but you can be sure that under hand employees would nevertheless attempt and smuggle portable phones into the office with them.

Another strategy might be to use modern day technology and introduce a device known as a mobile phone jammer to completely eliminate all mobile phones within a certain area. The mobile phone blocking gadget transports a related transmission to that of a portable phone within its local vicinity, rendering it completely disconnected from the network operator.

These jamming products were in the past only used by the military and government sections for security motives, but over the last few months have become obtainable to the general public. These types of devises stop all voice activity of a portable phone as well as stop text communications and the use of the web.

In the United kingdom, it is not unlawful to buy or sell a mobile phone jammer, nor is it an offence to have one, but you would be required to be registered to utilize one through offcom, the communications regulating body in the United kingdom for transmission issues. But for data protection purposes, preventing mobile phone signals is getting more common place in many countries across the world.

Phone preventing products come in various sizes and transmission strengths. The more powerful the jamming system, the larger the area the system will be able to block the signal of mobile phones. The the majority of modern mobile phone jammer products will have a gentle start up mode, so when started, will slowly and gradually build up its transmission preventing power, so as not to harm other delicate electrical equipment in the area, such as Wireless bluetooth and Wi-Fi products, as well as the mobile phones it is aimed at preventing.

The Cell Phone Accessories That Entertain

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Modern cell phones have come a long way with tons of great features. Smartphones are actually mini computers, that are feature packed. The popularity of cell phones have paved the road for competitors trying to out do each other by making bigger and better phones all the time. This is good for the consumer, because as more and more features are added to mobile phones, the prices drop significantly and the consumer gets to choose from more features at lower prices.

The cell phone accessory market is alive and kicking as well, with users demanding and purchasing all types of extras to customize their phones. Some of the most popular cell phone accessories are those that entertain. Some phones come equipped with mp3 players. Most any music gadget is popular these days and cell phones have not been left behind. There is nothing better than to have a mobile phone that provides entertainment in an easy to carry and portable device.

Games for cell phones are also a big hit in the market, and many people download new and classic games on a regular basis. Real music ringtones are especially popular, because they actually download and play real mp3 files to your phone. There are lots of sites and services that provide ringtones, and ingtones for Verizon phones is one of the best ones around with the latest hot music tracks available as ringtones.

It is best to check what type of ringtone your phone can handle, especially if it’s an older model. Older phones cannot handle the real music ringtone technology and most of them will require the polyphonic type of ringtone. Ringtones eliminate the boring old ringing of the phone and help users to customize their cells to their liking. Lots more options for customizing your cell phone exist, so make sure to do some research. But those that entertain and make personalizing cell phones fun and easy are the most popular of all. Check out the latest and hottest real music ringtones from the highly popular artist Drake at: get Drake ringtone downloads.

Quickly Lookup Reverse Phone Numbers

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Lookup Reverse Phone Numbers has really become a popular service as technology has made it readily available. Back in the day when you wanted to get a persons name it was near impossible, even if you only wanted their address. Now it has become so easy, all you really need is a telephone number.But using this service doesn’t mean you are nosy and have nothing better to do with your time, no this service has been valuable to millions of people out there.

This is why more and more people are searching for online services that can help them match a name to a number, landline, unlisted and mobile number. Let us have a look at a few reasons that a person would opt to use a reverse look up: Proving infidelity; catching a prank caller, making sure your children are okay; finding long lost relatives; confirming an address etc.Thus you can see that this service offers you so much more.

When doing a search for these services you will notice that there are several places you can go to, even websites who want to do it for you for free.Have a look there are many websites that claim that they do free look ups, but this is not true, the charge you just before they give you the information. If this information really means a lot to you and you do not want to waste your time and money then use a paid website.

Often when you have to try new things, like a cell reverse phone lookup, they may be a bit scary, but even your granny can use this, that’s how easy it is. The best way to start is to simply do a search and then click on the company you like best. Most companies operate the same and you only need to put in the number and hit the search button.After a short while you will have your outcome. Company to company things will be a bit different, such as the fees they ask or what services they deliver. Find one you want to use.

If you need a trusted service to match a name to a number, then you cannot go wrong with to lookup reverse phone numbers.Do not settle for anything than the best.

Help Protect the Environment by Recycling Nokia Mobile Phones

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Have you ever considered recycling Nokia mobile phones to help protect our planet as well as for some extra money?

Continuous development and new features along with the great quality of their handsets have placed Nokia firmly amongst the best mobile phones in the world. The best part about their phones is that they are easy to use and last longer than the other phones. It’s therefore no shock that people like to replace their old phones with the newest Nokia phone models.

This is great, however have you ever wondered what happens to all our old mobile phones? Maybe on the rubbish heap or hidden away at the back of a dark cupboard in the garage? Phones in all these places will cause nothing but trouble. Your old phone will end up on a public waste site, causing damage to our water and land, if you throw it out with your daily rubbish.

When you want to make lots of money from recycling Nokia mobile phones , be sure to look at all the online recyclers for the best deals. Once you decide on a company, just full up the online form with the details of your phone and other information.

Within a few days you will get a free post jiffy bag from them that you can use to send in your phone. Once they receive and check your phone for non reported damage, they will send you a cheque.

If your phone is damaged or even broken, many recyclers will still offer you a fair amount for it, although this will be lower than if it was in working order. No matter how you look at it, this is still a better option than just throwing it away. Many Nokia stockists are more frequently making their customers aware of all the things that they can gain by recycling Nokia mobile phones. These companies will refurbish and resell the old phones, provided they still work. If not, then they’d be stripped for precious metals and spare parts.

Before you start recycling Nokia mobile phones , it is fundamental that you reasearch all the recycling companies first, to find the one that will offer you the most money. There are also many online mobile phone recycling comparison tools, that will help you find the best price for your old mobile. Take a look at these results, decide the best available option, and then send your Nokia phone to them for money!

Mobile Phone Recycling – There’s Easy Cash to be Made!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Do you want to learn more about mobile phone recycling? If this is the case then you may want to read this article to discover all that you need to know to recycle your old mobile phone.

There are about fifty million mobile phone users in the UK! Generally, people in the UK upgrade or replace their old mobiles about once a year. The issue is that all the new phones being purchased an equal amount of old ones will end up at the back of a cupboard somewhere or dumped at a public waste site. Worst of all, without mobile phone recycling, their old phones will eventually damage our environment and poison our water supplies, potentially causing all kinds of problems.

Plenty of Chemicals and More in your phone!

There are a lot of chemicals, metals and other substances used in the making of a mobile phone that are known to be hazardous to our environment. Some of the bad metals found inside our phones include: beryllium, cadmium, lead, and flame-retardants. If people come into contact with these harmful substances it is possible that they could suffer from lung problems, renal issues, tumours and various brain related complications.

Where to Recycle your Old Mobile Phone

You have the choice of many different ways to recycle your old phone, the one you eventually decide on will be determined by how much time you have to spend recycling it. The following list presents the ways in which you can recycle your old mobile phone:

* Most of time, you will get an envelope from your network which can be used to send your old handset to them for recycling.
* Help the under privileged or the ill by handing your old phone to the local charity shop to resell.
* Why not try auctioning your old phone online at places such as eBay should you want some cash for it?
* Your last, and possibly best option, is to sell your old phone to one of the many online mobile phone recycling companies. You could earn over £200 for your old phone this way.

Why you Should Choose a Mobile Phone Recycling Company:

* These companies will often give you some money for your damaged and broken phones too.
* You don’t need to send it all the accessories, just the phone and the battery will do.
* You will receive your payment within the week that your phone was accepted by them.
* Your old phone will be recycled properly, preventing it from damaging our environment.

Some would say you would be better served to sell your phone yourself and keep more of the profit. Whilst this option looks very good, you must realise that there is no guarantee that it will sell.

There is no better option than mobile phone recycling as not only can you prevent your old mobile from harming our environment but you can earn some money at the same time.

In order to find the best possible deal, you will need to compare the prices offered by all the different recycling companies before deciding which one to go with.

So, don’t just sit there, get all your old mobile phones out now, compare prices online, and earn some good cash buy recycling them!