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The Biggest Secret in Cellular Accessories

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

It’s unfortunate but many service providers program their GSM phones in such a way that they won’t work with SIM cards from another. Let’s say Verizon Phones won’t work with another carrier. Unlocking your GSM Cell Phones means overwriting such programming. But what if your service provider minds? Not likely: besides some kind of stipulation in your contract that charges you with never altering your phone in any way whatsoever, it’s your phone; you own it. And even given such a clause you might still actually unlock your phone, as your provider makes money whether the phone is locked or unlocked. Besides, you probably wouldn’t unlock your phone anyway unless you were switching to another provider – in which case it doesn’t matter if the old one minds! Just be sure to keep any unlocking codes for future reference, as there has been at least one report of a provider relocking a phone – even though it wasn’t even one issued by that provider! (Note: If you haven’t guessed it by now, CDMA Cell Phones are excluded from this discussion.)

Now, carrying cases and belt clips rank among the most popular of cellular accessories, though some of them are from the Didn’t Know You Need It Department! But the most stupendous accessory of all is likely to have been overlooked because it’s from the Didn’t Even Know It Was An Accessory Department! That’s because it isn’t an object that goes with a phone but a service that’s performed on one. But this is more than a game of semantics: recall what it means to accessorize something. Doesn’t it involve somehow helping you to use that something better, basically enhancing your overall experience? Well, unlocking your phone, which is more an act than an accessory, will enhance your cellular experience better than any accessory! More than any carrying case or belt clip, unlocking your GSM cell phone is the ultimate in cellular accessories, in this sense: the one true must-have for all!

You can check whether your phone is already unlocked just by inserting another SIM card into it. Nokia phones are usually unlocked through codes that can be purchased very cheaply, but entering secret codes yourself is only one way to unlock a GSM phone. Many of the Motorola, BenQ-Siemens, and Sony Ericsson models will require a firmware rewrite, also known as reflashing their firmware. In such situations, the phone must be sent to a company that has the special hardware necessary to reprogram it. Not all companies can service all makes and models of cell phones, so make sure to first check and see whether your particular phone can be reflashed by that particular company.

Where to Get Your Apple Product Repaired

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

For most Apple customers, their ipods and iphones have everything they need stored inside, so when either or both stop working, the ipod repair or iphone repair needs to be made as soon as possible. There are a variety of ways in which one can have their ipod or iphone fixed. About a half of Apple customers prefer to take their broken ipod or iphone back to the Apple store to have their item fixed. Others ipod or phone users prefer to take their device to a private repair shop. Both choices have their advantages and disadvantages so it is all about what each consumer determines which route they want to take.
When an ipod or iphone stops working, a choice consumers have is to take it back to an Apple Store to get it fixed. There is a specific part of the store that is designated as the location where customers are able to drop off any broken Apple device to get fixed. The advantage of going directly to the Apple Store is that the employees most likely have the greatest knowledge of the products and the problems they are prone to have. However, one disadvantage is that most Apple stores can get very crowded and it can take some time to get an appointment and to get your device fixed. Another disadvantage is that because it is the Apple Company it will cost more to get it fixed by people who work at the Apple store instead of going to a private repair shop.
A large amount of Apple customers prefer to take their broken Apple devices to a private repair shop that specializes in fixing Apple products. A positive that comes from going to a repair shop that is not Apple, is that it should be less expensive than Apple because these kinds of repair shops have competition, and there usually aren’t standard prices for all of the different kinds of repairs. Also, it is almost always easier to get an appointment to have your device fixed and it usually doesn’t take as long to get your device back compared to the Apple Store. The one minor drawback of going to a repair shop is that, depending on the shop, they usually will not have as much knowledge on the products and their issues as an Apple employee.
For most consumers who have an ipod or iphone that breaks, it is important for them to get their device fixed as quickly and as efficiently as possible. As far as getting an Apple device fixed, people have only around basic options. They can take their device directly to an Apple Store, where the employees will most likely have the most knowledge about the products, but it may be difficult to get an appointment and your fixed product back quickly. The other choice is to go to a repair shop where the repairs will most likely be less expensive, and it shouldn’t take long to get your device back and fixed, but the people at the repair shop may not have specialized knowledge about the Apple products. Choosing where you want to get your Apple device fixed is completely up to you, it all depends on how quickly you need your device fixed and how much you are willing to pay for its repair.

What Is Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset?

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Due to the innovative noise reduction technology known as “NoiseAssassin”, Aliph’s newly-released Bluetooth headset called Aliph Jawbone Prime is considered one of the industry’s best. “NoiseAssassin” was especially developed for the DARPA, or the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. DARPA uses it mainly for monitoring sound in order to minimize unnecessary backdrop clutter in different military environments.

The Jawbone Prime Bluetooth headset was developed in May of 2009. This highly innovative Jawbone Bluetooth headset is equipped with a better NoiseAssassin technology known as NoiseAssassin 2.0. It is a stylish headset that allows for a better fit. Its noise reduction technology allows for a highly improved audio quality as a result of better noise-cancellation features.

Excellent performance and stylish design are both found in Jawbone Bluetooth headsets. Jawbone 2’s fashionable style and fit were made even better by the Jawbone Prime. It is lightweight and small enough so that one can easily carry or wear it discreetly. It is only 2.1 inches in length and is half an inch wide and thick.

The Jawbone 2’s outer design of diamond pattern was improved by way of the Jawbone Prime’s sophisticated dimpled loop pattern. This makes it easy for anybody to wear the Bluetooth headset along with any clothing style or design, and for any occasion. The drawback, however, seems to be the buttons, which are quite hidden. Users need to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the buttons, including its location. This can prove to be quite annoying. Hidden buttons are all right, but real buttons are better, especially if one has to make an emergency call.

Jawbone Prime is perhaps the best Jawbone Bluetooth headset that we have come across so far. Its design and features speak for itself; and it is highly functional what with all the necessary functions it carries like last number redial, call waiting, call mute, voice dialing and battery indicator. Aside from answering calls, it also allows the user to reject or end calls; and it carries technology that makes it possible to connect to at least two devices at one time. These are features that make this Bluetooth headset truly innovative and useful. This Bluetooth headset is something certainly worth having. Clearly, Aliph has succeeded once again in coming up with the highly modern, stylish and functional Jawbone Prime.

Five Steps A Senior Citizen Can Use To Gain Education Of Technology

Monday, August 31st, 2009

When Lauren went to her charging station to grab her portable music player she thought she had forgotten to plug it in when she went to charge it. Its display was dark and so she did a fast examination of the other electronics resting in the charger. Her IPhone screen lit up with the touch of a button, as did her PDA. As she looked into it, she quickly realized it was just her music device that was not working. She began to research places to go for IPod parts and service. She couldn’t imagine being without it for a considerable amount of time. Her grandmother, with whom she lived, was just the reverse. She was simply beleaguered by technology and felt that people her age were sometimes left behind when attempting to stay updated. Lauren’s grandmother thought about trying to be more technically knowledgeable but was not sure where to even begin. The following are tips for those who are older who desire knowledge about some current strides in technology:

1. Take classes at the Community Center or Senior Citizen’s Center. Many communities now offer senior classes or workshops free of charge to anyone wishing to learn. Why not combine group contact with others of the same age while gaining knowledge that will help you find the way out of the confusion of new technology?
2. View online lessons at product websites. They are free and are available 24/7 so a person can go to them whenever the mood strikes and get valuable instruction. A website is bound to give attention to detail to make the company’s product easy to understand and appealing. This is where it might be feasible to learn about merchandise add ons that could make it easier to use and more practical to charge and store.
3. Ask a grandchild or neighborhood student for help. Young people are given early training in school and it’s easy for them to pass on the teaching received to an inquiring senior citizen. This is also a fun way to bond with a younger person due to a shared interest. Never underestimate the reality that the child may truly benefit from spending time with an older person who contributes to his or her self-worth by validating technological talents the student has.
4. Don’t be afraid to try something that could be frightening. Many times the languagesurrounding computers, cells, music devices, etc. can be hard to decipher but usually it sounds more complicated and daunting than it really is. Like everything else that is new and unknown, new technology devices can be easily explained by form and function and become something to enjoy.
5. Keep an open mind. This is such an important element to any new activity. Older people can easily be overwhelmed and just give up when attempting to learn about new products but this is so counterproductive. As we age, these same products can make our lives easier by connecting us to loved ones, enabling us to shop from home, and allowing us to research ideas without leaving the comfort of home.

Mobile Device Accessory Assessment: Jabra BT8040 Bluetooth Headset

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

One of the most popular cell phone accessories is the Bluetooth headset. They allow for hands free talking and bring forth many other benefits. One popular brand of headsets is Jabra. They are well known for their additions to the headset market. When people are in the market for a headset they want a device with multiple functions but such a headset is hard to find. But Jabra has released a model that has numerous capabilities other than answering calls wirelessly. The Jabra BT8040 Bluetooth Headset is a headset with numerous functions.

The Jabra BT8040 has a very nice design. Its casing is black with streaks of silver. It has a small multifunction button on the face of it and volume rockers on the side. Another plus are its amazing list of features. The BT8040 has MultiPoint technology which means you can link up two different phones to the same headset and control both. A person can also stream music wirelessly through the headset and listen to tracks directly on it. Some people might find the ear tip a little hard to use, but after some time they will get accustom to the way the headset fits in his or her ear.

This device has many advantages that cell phone users can utilize to make their everyday life easier. At an affordable price the Jabra BT8040 is a headset that no one should miss out on.