Accessory Analysis Of The Plantronics Voyager 835 Bluetooth Headset Cell Phone

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Cellular Accessories are always in high demand. Items like the Plantronics Bluetooth Headset are very popular. Open the retail box of the Plantronics Voyager 835 Bluetooth Headset and you’ll find its instruction manual, its charger, an L-shaped car charger, and the headset itself. The car charger eliminates the need for a cord by simply interfacing between the car’s AC power outlet and the Voyager 835, which measures 2.1 inches long, 0.6 of an inch wide, 0.4 of an inch thick, and weighs 0.4 of an ounce. This headset is the first-ever such product from Plantronics to offer dual microphones, which help to further enhance audio quality while the patented AudioIQ software works in the background to filter out ambient noise. The Voyager 835’s Windsmart technology makes one microphone capture the noise as the other one focuses on the user’s voice. This also means much increased clarity for both sides of a call. The microphones are omnidirectional, which means that they needn’t be too carefully aligned for the best sound quality. Two volume buttons are located on the right side, with the propriety USB-styled charging jack on top of them. These buttons are easily accessible, though fairly small. At the end of the earpiece is a rubberized earbud and a flexible translucent plastic ear hook; the earbud acts as an anchor, and fits snugly within the outer folds of your ear, while the hook can be twisted around so that the headset can be used on either side of the head.

With a basic list of features and a slim business-like design, this headset is clearly being marketed to busy mobile professionals. The Voyager 835’s list of standard capabilities means support for the likes of call rejection, call waiting, and last-number redial and voice-activated dialing where available. The 835 can also transfer calls from the phone to the headset and vice-versa. It offers multipoint pairing so that two Bluetooth headsets can be connected at a single time, with the Plantronics Quickpair process automatically detecting other devices upon power-on; thus, for example, the headset will always automatically find your phone when turned on. Near the top of the headset resides a multiple function button in a recessed area, with an LED indicator next to the housing for one of the two microphones, with the second microphone located at the bottom of the headset. Calls are answered and ended by tapping this multi-function button, and battery power can be checked by holding down both the button along with the volume-down button simultaneously for about two seconds: the fast the LED flashes, the less power there is remaining. Talk time is rated at five hours, with standby clocking in seven whole days.

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