Cell Phone Bling: What’s That Shining In Your Pocket?

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Cell phones can become fashion statements as we are often very keen to personalize not only the wallpapers and the ring tones, but the exterior look too. Cell phone charms make fashion applications possible, as they are widely used by girls and women on a regular basis. Such decorations are often combined with the use of different cell skins and new covers that stand for a design and color alternatives encountered with so many cellular users. The cell model design aspect is the one to influence the attaching of the charms, older models had an antenna on which to hang a trinket but more recent phones include a plastic loop at one side of the phone.

Ganz Charms
The model variety of cell phone charms is absolutely incredible with lots of unique pendants available for trifle prices. Normally speaking, one will not decorate the cell phone with golden or silver jewelry, which is why, cell phone charms represent a distinct jewel category featuring cartoon characters, popular symbols, good luck shapes and even jewel-like elements that incorporate Swarowsky crystals for instance. The variation or constant change of the cell phone charms is another explanation for the large number of collections.

Ganz Charms
The good bit about this fashion trend is that there are always new options to try. Some users attach cell phone charms to show their commitment to a common public cause or express adhesion to a belief: this is the case of the cancer awareness symbols for instance: the pink ribbons you can stylishly incorporate in the look of the cell phone. Then, cell phone charms can always be personal creations, if you are the do-it-yourself kind of person; instructions are available online under the form of step-by-step tutorials. You could actually enjoy such an activity.

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As for the best places to shop, cell phone charms are usually available in stores that sell mobile phones and specific accessories, and the quality of these decorations ranges from plastic and rubber items to metal intricate designs and tiny art works. When you look for headsets, cases and batteries, you could also have a look at the cell phone charms collections. If you are not content with the offer, there is always eBay to try with hundreds of charm selection possibilities. On a thorough Internet research you could even find recommendations about the best places to shop. Enjoy it!

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