Finding Parts and Accessories for Used Cell Phones

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Whether you buy your cell phone new, or opt for a used or refurbished phone, sooner or later you may want accessories, like headsets, cases, or AC adapters. You may also find that your battery life is slowly growing shorter and shorter, in which case you may want to replace the battery rather than the whole phone.

If you need a case for your phone, remember that a lot of phones fit in to numerous cases. Although there may not be a case made specifically for your phone anymore, chances are you can find a case for a different model that will fit your phone. If you strike out there as well, look online at places like eBay for people selling used cases made for your phone. The benefit here will be additional cost savings.

Probably the most common accessory to purchase for a cell phone is a hands-free device that allows you to talk on the phone without holding it up to your ear. These have risen in popularity as many states have implemented laws making it illegal to drive and talk on the phone without one of these devices. Bluetooth headsets allow you to do this without any additional wires and the most convenient, but only work on Bluetooth enabled phones. If this is what you are searching for, make sure you shop for a phone that has Bluetooth technology. If your refurbished cell phone does not have Bluetooth, you can get a hands free system that resembles a set of ear-bud headphones. The advantage here is that these systems are often much cheaper than Bluetooth headsets but offer the same kind of functionality.

Finding replacement batteries and accessories for refurbished cell phones may be a little trickier than finding these items for a phone you purchased new, because they are usually specific to that model of phone. In some cases, the same battery will work on a number of similar phone models, but even this is rare. If the phone is no longer being sold by the dealer or company, then the accessories may not be sold new either. In that case, you can look online or locally for used replacement parts.

Phone chargers (A/C adapters) are also a concern. Anyone who has had a dead battery and been away from home has likely realized that most chargers only work on a specific model of phone. This means that you won’t be able to purchase a charger from a different phone if you actually want to recharge your battery. If you need a new charger for your used cell phone, check with the manufacturer to see what options you have, or look in your local Radio Shack type store that stocks a wide range of “universal” chagers with adapters for multiple phones.

Any time you need a replacement part, make sure you get the part number from the manufacturer. Manufacturers may also have a list of other phones that have parts that are compatible with your phone, which can be extremely beneficial and can even be a way to save money. So, if you need a new charger for your refurbished Verizon phones, check with Verizon for information about part numbers and other compatible parts before beginning your search. Finally, make sure that the replacement parts and accessories you get are authentic. There are a number of counterfeits out there that can hamper the performance of your phone. Having the exact part number that you need goes a long way in finding the exact part that you need.

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