Hands Free Devices for Refurbished Cell Phones

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It is becoming more and more common for states to pass laws that make it illegal for drivers to talk on their cellphones while driving if they do not use a hands-free device. People caught without a hands-free device are issued a ticket and are forced to pay a fine for their first offense. Penalties increase for repeat offenders. The theory behind these new laws is that they allow drivers to keep both hands free to steer, shift, etc. and allow the driver to focus more on driving instead of holding a phone against their ear.

The most common hands free device is a Bluetooth earpiece. This wireless solution simply clips over the ear, allowing you to speak without holding the phone. To use a Bluetooth device, just associate it with any Bluetooth capable cell phone. Today, most new cell phones, as well as many refurbished cell phones, are Bluetooth capable.

If you own an older used cell phone, it may lack Bluetooth technology. Do not worry, however, as there are still hands-free solutions that will work with any kind of phone. The most common is a wired headset that resembles ear buds that plugs in to your phone. These devices perform the same function as a Bluetooth headset except they use a wire to transfer data to and from your phone and are also generally cheaper. They are available for nearly any model of phone made in the past 10 years, so even if you’re still using an older refurbished Sprint cell phone, you will be able to find a hands-free solution.

Hands-free devices also come in handy in other situations beyond driving. Even if you live in a state that does not require hands-free devices for driving, chances are you will find some benefit from being able to talk on your phone without using your hands, such as being able to sit at your computer and multi-task while having a conversation with a co-worker.

A final option to make your used cell phone hands free is to use a plug and play kit for your car, which usually draws power from your cigarette lighter. This tiny attachment contains a microphone and speaker, and can be attached to your dashboard, air conditioning vent, or another area in your car. Unlike a Bluetooth headset, you need not attach anything to your ear when using a car kit. While some of these are wireless and rely on Bluetooth technology, others can be attached with a wire to your cell phone.

If you are on the fence about purchasing a used cell phone because you question the hands-free options that it will give you, hopefully this article has helped to ease some concern. Hands-free devices can be found for nearly any phone with a headphone jack and/or Bluetooth. Even if you live in a state that does not currently have a hands-free law, it may be worth it to invest in some hands-free accessories to make your driving safer and improve other aspects of your life.

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