What Is Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset?

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Due to the innovative noise reduction technology known as “NoiseAssassin”, Aliph’s newly-released Bluetooth headset called Aliph Jawbone Prime is considered one of the industry’s best. “NoiseAssassin” was especially developed for the DARPA, or the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. DARPA uses it mainly for monitoring sound in order to minimize unnecessary backdrop clutter in different military environments.

The Jawbone Prime Bluetooth headset was developed in May of 2009. This highly innovative Jawbone Bluetooth headset is equipped with a better NoiseAssassin technology known as NoiseAssassin 2.0. It is a stylish headset that allows for a better fit. Its noise reduction technology allows for a highly improved audio quality as a result of better noise-cancellation features.

Excellent performance and stylish design are both found in Jawbone Bluetooth headsets. Jawbone 2’s fashionable style and fit were made even better by the Jawbone Prime. It is lightweight and small enough so that one can easily carry or wear it discreetly. It is only 2.1 inches in length and is half an inch wide and thick.

The Jawbone 2’s outer design of diamond pattern was improved by way of the Jawbone Prime’s sophisticated dimpled loop pattern. This makes it easy for anybody to wear the Bluetooth headset along with any clothing style or design, and for any occasion. The drawback, however, seems to be the buttons, which are quite hidden. Users need to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the buttons, including its location. This can prove to be quite annoying. Hidden buttons are all right, but real buttons are better, especially if one has to make an emergency call.

Jawbone Prime is perhaps the best Jawbone Bluetooth headset that we have come across so far. Its design and features speak for itself; and it is highly functional what with all the necessary functions it carries like last number redial, call waiting, call mute, voice dialing and battery indicator. Aside from answering calls, it also allows the user to reject or end calls; and it carries technology that makes it possible to connect to at least two devices at one time. These are features that make this Bluetooth headset truly innovative and useful. This Bluetooth headset is something certainly worth having. Clearly, Aliph has succeeded once again in coming up with the highly modern, stylish and functional Jawbone Prime.

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