Buzzirk Mobile Zero1: Killer Cheap Cell Phone Plans With Voip

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Buzzirk Mobile is the company that will make existing cell phone providers obsolete. With cheap cell phone service including unlimited voice calls to anywhere anytime of day, unlimited text and data all for a flat fee of well under $100 a month, there is no competitor that can come close. Buzzirk Mobile Zero1 is already in business in Europe and is launching the phones in Canada and the USA this month (July 09).

Buzzirk Mobile Zero1’s cheap phones use a proprietary technology that piggybacks the existing GSM networks and uses VoIP. Service and coverage with Buzzirk Mobile is the same or better than the iPhone. Buzzirk Mobile Zero1 is a hassle free company. Anyone can get their service. There are no contracts and no credit checks. There are no hoops to go through, and on top of that, there aren’t even any roaming charges or taxes.

If you think it can’t get any better, think again. On top of the regular voice and text capability Buzzirk Mobile Zero1 offers so much more. Since it’s proprietary technology is so much faster than anything that exists out there right now, consumers can actually download movies in real-time and play them on their TV by plugging the phone straight in to their TV. Buzzirk Mobile Zero1 also offers over 100 TV channels.

By partnering with Global Verge, Buzzirk Mobile Zero1 offers the ability to resell the phones and the phone service using a Network Marketing model. This is very exciting because it offers the early adopters a chance to actually market and promote the cell phones and service to the rest of the North American market and earn a respectable income. Our marketing team already has programs in place to help new resellers to promote and market Buzzirk Mobile’s cell phone and service plans through our marketing system. Learn more on my blog at Buzzirk Mobile

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