Mobile Device Analysis: Siemens U15

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Many cell phone users are always on the lookout for new and phones. They are constantly changing phones every so often just to keep up with technology. The Siemens U15 is a phone that is sure to turn a few heads. The only problem with constantly getting new phones is the obvious cost. It can cost a lot of money to buy, trade, or replace a cell phone or any kind of mobile device. But one of the best things a person can do is either buy Used Cell Phones or Refurbished Cell Phones. This way they can keep on top of technology. With so many people buying the Siemens U15 it shouldn’t be too hard to find one. It has a lot of great features and functions.

The Siemens U15 appears to be the only Siemens model with any specifics available for review. All of the Siemens models appear to have the same features such as video calling, video download, MP3 and video playback capabilities. It includes 2 VGA cameras with a 3X digital zoom that work at resolutions of 640 x 480 and 160 x 120. The Siemens also includes video telephony as well as video and audio streaming, the first mobile phone to offer both of these features. The availability of these new features allows Siemens customers to have the full 3G experience.

The multimedia features that are available with the U15 include video record, picture and video messenger and the ability to play music on the run with an MP3 player. A 64K internal memory also allows user to store plenty of files and also allows the user to install new applications include games and other applications. Users will find that the U15 is a step ahead of its class and was an early entrant into many of the features that are standard with this phone including Bluetooth capabilities. Though it was first introduced several years ago, many of its features have only begun to be standard offerings by other manufacturers.

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