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If you haven’t heard about bag phone yet, they are simply phones that look like handsets. They are much bigger than the light and slim mobile phones in the market nowadays, but a lot of people still opt to buy them because they can be useful for some. This is especially true for others whose jobs entail commuting to different places frequently.

Like most cell phones, the 3-Watt bag phone can be charged inside the car with the help of the cigarette adapter. The phone has a swivel spike antenna which is detachable and is handy when finding a signal for the phone to communicate clearly anytime of the day. Weighing about 10 lbs, the shoulder strap is an optional accessory for it. It also has a caller identifier feature which is very important especially for recognizing the caller, as well as the conference calling option, which can accommodate up to five callers.

The assisted global positioning services can be used for emergency purposes, and the 8mm character height can be easily used to drop a line or two when sending emails or text messages. Since there are only a few network operators who carry the bag phone, there are also refurbished units that they sell around. The phone also comes with a manual which can be used for troubleshooting the phone, as well as changing the settings.

Bottom line is, the bag phone is easy to use, and very practical if you don’t mind using a slightly bulkier mobile phone than the usual.

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