Motorola W385 Cell Phone For Verizon Reviewed

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If you want to subscribe to Verizon Wireless, you can take a look at its selections of Verizon Cell Phones models from different manufacturers. One of these is Motorola W385, which is suitable for individuals who want to own a cool mobile handset. It is slightly similar to the MotoKRZR, which is another phone model from Motorola. The two models are similar according to features, profile, and form. The Motorola W385 has an antenna. What is more, it comes in attractive colors that will surely fit the preferences and choices of the young people. When you are thinking of buying a phone that comes with a Verizon Wireless service, you can choose Motorola W385.

Innovative Technology

There are a lot of factors that make the Motorola W385 one of the most appealing Verizon Cellular Phones in the market. Its popularity is owed to its sleek design and innovative technology. It is relatively easy to use this mobile phone, which is one of its greatest features. Navigating through the phone is simple, since it is user-friendly. For example, you will not have to search through your long list of contact if you want to call someone. The Motorola W385 has a pre-recorded list of contacts. With this feature, you will be able to reach a person by stating his or her name. This feature is backed by the Bluetooth technology of the phone. Another of its feature is the Bluetooth headset, which lets you communicate with someone conveniently, even if you are driving a car or doing something else.

GPS Navigation Feature

One of the most useful features of Motorola W385 is its GPS navigation. This feature will help you navigate through unfamiliar roads. You will not get lost, what with the navigational attribute of your mobile phone. With a GPS system on your Verizon phone, you will be able to locate the specific destination that you want to go to. Whether for enjoyment or for something more useful, you can take advantage of Motorola W385’s VGA camera. You can take pictures during family activities or when you are out with your friends. You can even send images to your contacts through MMS.

Get Your Network Service from Verizon Wireless

The other features of Motorola W385 are its Parent/Child Chaperone, Field Manager, and VZ Navigator. It is also IM compatible. Its instant messaging lets you send images and texts. You can also use its embedded ring tones and five types of vibrate modes. What is more, it has an integrated speakerphone that lets you speak freely with another person. When you subscribe to Verizon Wireless, you will be able to choose from several other ring tones and picture messages.

Other than its Bluetooth technology, it has speech recognition. With this feature, you can control your account, send messages, lookup information, navigate through your phone’s help guide, and dial contacts. The memory of your phone book can store a maximum of 1000 entries. Its tools include an alarm clock, calculator, world clock, calendar, and notepad. If you buy a Motorola W385 mobile phone that is already locked with Verizon network service, it comes with a price of $119, along with a 2-year contract from the network service provider. If however you already have a Verizon Wireless plan, you can always buy the phone outright without the contract from companies like, they not only sell no-contract Verizon Cell Phones, but also Unlocked GSM Phones.

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