Pantech C600 Cell Phone Review

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One the newest editions to the Pantech lines of cellular phone is a Mexican release, Pantech C600. Also available as an Unlocked Cell Phones. Now that 3G communication services are available in Mexico, it opens a new potential for cell phone companies like Pantech to tap into the Mexican market. Although this is Pantech’s first entry into the Mexican market, it plans to sell more 3G phones in the growing Mexican market in the future. The C600 includes an MP3 player, dual camera, movie player and other customized features for the average Mexican consumer.

Before they released this phone in Mexico Pantech researched the needs of the Mexican consumers. This allowed them to determine what they were seeking with the popularity of 3G technology before them. This is a great phone on Pantech’s part and the first of many 3G phones that Pantech tends to release in Mexico. The popularity of this phone makes it inevitable that many more 3G phones with similar capabilities will be released in Mexico throughout the rest of 2008 and into 2009 as well. As Mexican consumers join the rest of the world in wanting a phone with camera, music and video capabilities, Pantech will need to keep an eye on the market so it can keep on top of what consumers want.

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