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The Blackberry Storm is among the latest additions to the mobile phone family. The long awaited Storm is finally storming out bringing to light all the amazing features it has to offer. For all the mobile phone and Verizon Cell Phones fans, it’s been a great moment of excitement and they are very eager to learn more about it. The storm isn’t like any other phone, it has the capacity to storm the markets with its impeccable features. What makes it so unique? Besides its features, it’s style and technology. What does it have? It has a touch-screen, EV-DO, GPS, Blackberry OS 4.7 etc.

The Blackberry Storm has probably the greatest touch-screen of all the phones made so far, because when you touch it, you really push the display, like a normal button. The technology is called Click-Through and currently is exclusive for the Blackberry Storm.

And not only does it have something special for all the text lovers. When writing text messages, you can actually hold the phone in landscape mode and use the QWERTY keyboard. Fortunately, the phone will figure by itself if you hold it in portrait or landscape mode and switch keyboards, also the keys will glow when pushed.

What makes it more advanced than the older versions of Blackberry? Almost everything! The display is a lot better than Blackberry of old with a 480×360 resolution and 65,000 colors. The Storm features a 3.5mm standard headphone jack, which is great, has four short keys: Talk, End, Back and the Blackberry menu. On the back it features a micro-SD memory card slot.

Why New Blackberry Phones, specifically the storm? The answer is quite obvious .The Blackberry Storm is probably going to be one of the most awesome smart-phones on the market, if not the best. It has lots of features, like the one that switches between CDMA and GSM networks automatically, without changing the phone number, which offer international roaming. Also, the Storm sports a full HTML internet browser, that unfortunately doesn’t support Flash and supports Cast Music and Mobile TV, the services from Verizon, but hey, at least you get to surf very well!

The Blackberry Storm will run Blackberry’s OS 4.7, the latest version, which is cool, because it comes with supports for lots of email accounts, Blackberry Enterprise, Lotus notes, IMAP4, POP3, Microsoft Exchange and much more.

It features 128MB of flash memory and 1GB of integrated memory, which can be expanded via the microSD / SDHC memory card slot to up to 16GB.

Until now, Blackberry has been known for its business devices, but this one tries to attract all kinds of users, from teen to business and music fans, because it features a Media Sync software, that supports a plentitude of file formats, like MP3, WMA, AAC, MPEG4, WMV and H.264. Also the Media Sync can synchronize with iTunes. On the other side, it features a 3.2 megapixel camera, with flash, auto-focus and video recording capabilities.

There’s something for internet geeks too!!! The Blackberry Storm will come preloaded with IM clients and social networking applications, like Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live, ICQ, Facebook, Myspace and hi5, but you can always download more via the Blackberry App Center.

Is it really perfect? Not really, nothing is perfect. It has a few drawbacks. Probably its biggest lack is the WiFi, no one could figure out why they didn’t include it. Though it tries to fill this gap with other connectivity options, like Bluetooth 2.0 with stereo headsets support, dial-up networking, GPS, and Blackberry Maps, so no worries, maybe there’s a reason behind it which will be revealed eventually.

So it can be guessed that blackberry is going to be one of the coolest among the latest phones and it’s a sure thing that it’s going to STORM the mobile market! And remember when it comes to buying no-contract cell phones from Blackberry to LG Verizon Cell Phones come to first!

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