Review On The Samsung SGH F700 For The Verizon Service

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Samsung first unveiled the SGH F700 earlier this year at 3GSM, there was no mistaking that it took its design cues from Apple’s iPhone. The F700 can also be purchase at places like Cell2Get in there Unlocked Cell Phones section, this means you can use it on any GSM network, since all Unlocked Cell Phones can be used this way. Many other manufacturers, including HTC and LG, have produced handsets that share many of the iPhone’s design features, but the F700 remains the closest to it. It has large wide-screen for navigation and just a single key, similar to the iPhone, but it also has side-sliding full QWERTY keyboard for messaging. It lacks WiFi or large hard drive, but has 3-megapixel camera, HSDPA and microSD slot. It runs on Flash User Interface.

The F700 looks like the iPhone, and that’s that. No, it’s not identical, it is less wide, thicker and dark blue in color, but you wouldn’t be mad if you saw a friend put it on a table and remarked, “Oh, is that your new iPhone?”

The F700 is a big leap for Samsung, which has generally stayed away from touchscreen phones, instead making masses of sliders, which are immensely popular around the world. But Samsung also has a reputation for pushing technological boundaries, even if it doesn’t come up with the idea first.

Verizon Cell Phones also has this phone, known as the Samsung Glyde SCH-U940.


The F700’s user interface is closer to the LG Viewty’s than the iPhone’s. Certain processes, such as hanging up, are less straightforward than they should be. There are no fancy built-in sensors, so the screen doesn’t automatically change to landscape mode when you tip it over, or realise when your face is near it, or adjust the screen brightness.

It’s probably because it looks so much like the iPhone that we expected an experience as good, which of course it isn’t. The browser doesn’t render pages very well, the music player is relatively basic and the screen just isn’t as large or as sharp as the iPhone’s. But before you count it out of the fight, the F700 does have some redeeming qualities.

HSDPA (3.5G) means you can download data much faster than on the iPhone’s EDGE connection. Unlike the iPhone, you can take pictures and send them to friends via MMS, you can use the camera to shoot videos and you can make 3G video calls using the VGA camera on the front.

As users acknowledge the growing importance that user experience takes on the full touch LCD device as the LCD dominates physically on the device, Samsung has employed analogue cross concept everywhere (across all applications) and has named the UI(User Interface) “Croix” which stands for cross in French. It has an enthusiastic reflection on the usability in terms of input methods, basic navigation, content access methods and task completion scenarios. Pleasure, agility and performance were values when creating the UI. In short, Samsung SGH F700 is the ideal phone for professional as well as non-professional purposes.

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