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Review of the T-Mobile Dash Phone by Cell2Get

T-Mobile Cell Phones models include the Dash Cell Phone. The Dash Cell Phone or HTC Excalibur is a great SmartPhone that is much smaller and sleeker than it would appear in photos. It isn’t a very photogenic phone, and the screen’s angled corner with the metal face make the DASH phone look rather odd and with a shape that resembles a pear. In spite of its appearance, you can be certain this SmartPhone is the hottest selling model in the United States at the present time. The phone has excellent durability and is sturdy enough to endure some serious abuse though it wouldn’t be a good idea to test that theory.

The keyboard on this phone is rather mediocre but it does include a new feature that is a real time saver. Instead of having to hold the alt key and dial another key to obtain an alternate character, you only have to hold down the appropriate key for a second and it the function you need appears. The phone is also MyFaves compatible for those T-Mobile customers who enjoy that feature. It is also WiFi compatible and has email capabilities. In reality it’s a rather sturdy and capable Smart Phone for the functions for which it is intended.

Also by purchasing this phone as an Unlocked Cell Phones you will be able to use it with any GSM carrier, even overseas. If you are wondering what an unlocked cell phone is, here is a quick explanation. Unlocked cell phones are GSM cell phones that use SIM cards. Each carrier that uses GSM has there own SIM card. Normally phones are locked into specific carriers, by buying them unlocked you can place any GSM SIM card into the phone and it should work.

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