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For ages, Nokia Cell Phones have been infesting our mind with its popular title “connecting people “, it didn’t matter whether it really connected people or not, still the title remained the same.

Year after year additions were made to the Nokia family, connecting more upgrades to the same, bit by bit , piece by piece, they actually started connecting people. Hallelujah the Nokia phone finally worked well, but with a few errors of course, after all nothing is perfect. And then finally the flawless warrior made it to the market “THE NOKIA N96” which finally not only connected people but made them enjoy its new services too. You can also purchase this cell phone as one of the many Unlocked GSM Cell Phones offered at!

The Nokia N96 is a well designed 3G Smart-phone that features a dual opening mechanism and is destined to be Nokia’s next flagship mobile phone. Can’t understand? Let’s just say, it’s awesome! The N96 is a family member of the very well liked N series range by Nokia that includes the extremely able Nokia N95 3G Smart-phone and the latter version, the Nokia N95 8GB. The very clever dual opening design will greatly assist the user to slide open the handset and have their every need met.

It has something to connect music lovers with music too! The N96 comes kitted out with a music player that features a built in FM stereo that comes complete with RDS allowing the user to view the music information that they are listening to on the fantastic large display screen. This kitted version is available in both locked (to a carrier) or as an Unlocked Cellular Phones. The huge internal memory built into this phone will allow you to store 3500 songs, the same as the Apple iTouch. The only advantage the iPhone had over the rest of the mobile phone market was internal memory, now that Nokia have hit back with the N96 this is no longer the case. The N96 supports a Nokia Internet Radio and a Visual Radio. The music player’s features allow the user to create play-lists and listen to their favorite music. The user can select their play mode and view their playing lists and albums in great color. And with the music player, having an audio equalizer listening to your favorite tunes will be a great music mobile experience as the sound quality will be excellent.

Besides being so wonderful, it gives something for free too, a digital camera! The Nokia N96 comes with a fantastic built in five mega-pixel camera (2,592 x 1,944 pixels) complete with an array of settings, functions and options that a standard digital camera would provide you with. The Carl Zeiss optics Tessar lens is crystal clear and features auto focus and an auto exposure feature. The dual LED flash will definitely brighten up those shots that have been snapped in the dark or dimly lit environments. Photos can be stored in either JPEG or EXIF format. The user will be able to adjust the settings making sure the user can take the perfect picture every time. It has been rumored that a 6 mega pixel version maybe release, but we will have to wait and see if that materializes. And also to add to it, it has a video camera, 3G video calling capacity, GPS navigation system, Internet, Messaging etc.

The Nokia N96 3G Smart-phone is packed full of the latest technologies, including 3G HSDPA technology for fast and high-speed efficiency. There is the EDGE technology that will provide the user with high-speed data transfer rates and WLAN Wi-Fi technology allows for a great wireless connection a fast broadband speeds. The Bluetooth wireless technology that includes A2DP allows the user to enjoy a wireless connection experience. A USB connection will allow a great-cabled connection between other compatible devices. The N96 comes with a Symbian operating system that it is complete with S60 software.

But it has a major drawback too, you’ll have to charge the battery every night!, sucks eh? Well I told you, nothing is perfect!

So to top it off, Nokia N96 is relatively better than most other phones and indeed much better than all of the Nokia phones so far, and most importantly, it gives real meaning to the words “connecting people…”

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