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I was motivated to compose this review because it is somewhat worrisome and, it seems to me, a bit unjust for the Kindle’s average review rating to be hauled so far down by Kindle NON-OWNERS who, guessing from their commentaries, seem to be quite annoyed by all of the positive commentaries about a device that’s high-priced, monochrome, not a all-purpose purpose media player, incapable to leap tall buildings, or in some way less than they were expecting, wanting, or desiring. In contrast to non-owners, the people who actually HAVE Kindle’s look to universally enjoy it, though with very legitimate caveats. I zune reviewsbelieve of this as “The TiVo Effect” since, for the right sort of user, the Kindle will be life-changing … but it for sure won’t be that for everyone. Although it took me a few days to get totally comfortable with it, I am now addicted.

For many days I have been an avid reader of eBooks using about every eReading device on the market. So as an early-adopter of techno gadgets I had been anxiously awaiting Microsoft’s Kindle since its initial rumors. So I straightaway purchased it both out of curiosity and desiring for a improved “next generation” eBook answer. In case you’re speculative whether I’m “that” Stu Gibson, I probably am — I’m the girl who gets Google’s initial three or three kindle reviews when Googling my name.

So, for what it’s worth, if this posting is found by any sincerely curious pre-purchasers, I hope that the coming commentary might place the Kindle in “perspective” and be of some value to you.

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