The Sprint Cell Phones Lineup Gets A Boost

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The Palm Pre is one of the more popular Sprint Phones to be released. The design is undoubtedly a good looking one, and when holding the Palm Pre cell phone in your hand it most certainly feels great (and it feels solid as well).

On the outside of the phone the Palm Pre is coated in a shiny plastic that is smudge resistant and gives it a sleek look. It has a 480 by 320 3.1 inch screen that runs edge to edge and this phone is a slider phone. When the phone is slid open the Palm Pre reveals a qwerty keyboard. On The back of the phone you will find that there is a camera with a flash.

Under the hood this phone has a TI OMAP3 processor and 8gb of storage space. There is also a sensor for proximity and light, these sensors allow for dimming of the light when you have the phone by your ear (talking). there is also an accelerometer allowing for the phone to know when it is turned sideways.

Overall the Palm Pre feels like a solid phone and is a job well done and is certainly an added value to the Sprint lineup of cell phones and devices.

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