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Sony and Ericsson brought a unique trait to the Sony cell phone as a product that won the market of mobile communications. Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita were the founders of the Sony Corporation, although they did not envisage the creation of the Sony cell phone. The headquarters of the company are at Minato, Tokyo, Japan. As a corporation, Sony services a huge electronics market that includes not only phones but video stations, TV sets, computers, semiconductors, play stations and other consumer electronics as well. In 2008 the company’s operating income was US$ 4 billion from the total revenue of US$ 100 billion. Plus, the number of employees working in Sony facilities worldwide was around 180,000.

From a historical point of view, Sony has been notable for their standards for new recording and storage technologies, as they created their individual brands and products without stealing from the competition. The standard products designed and manufactured over the years include Umatic (~1968), Betamax (1975), Betacam (81), Compact Disc (82), 3.5 inch Floppy Disk (82), Video8 (85), DAT (87), Hi8 (88), Minidisc (~90), Digital Betacam (~90), miniDV (92), Memory Stick (98), Digital8 (99), PSP Universal Media Disc (~2003), HDV (~2004), Blu-ray Disc (2006). So, Sony is mainly known for these consumer electronics rather than for cell phones which they started developing in cooperation with Ericsson only. Therefore, although you may refer to them as Sony cell phone products, you would actually discuss Sony Ericsson phones.

The Walkman and Cyber-shot series produced by Sony in collaboration with Ericsson brought fame and money for the two business involved in the design, winning Sony Ericsson a place among the five most famous communication companies in the world. The most famous Walkman mobiles were by far K750i and W800i, each with a great music playback range and two low-end phones included; both mobiles were launched in March 2005. A few months later, in October, another Sony cell phone – the P990 – was released, being the first cellular using UIQ 3.

Another successful Sony cell phone belongs from the Cyber-shot brand. This one – the K750, was also launched in 2005 and became one of the most popular Sony Ericsson phones. Unlike the Walkman which had a very good media package but a poor camera, the Cyber-shot phone included both great cameras and decent viewing media.

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