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I’ve been waiting for you almost forty minutes. It’s really a nasty thing to wait for women. They are used to being late and there’s nothing to do to change their nature. I’m afraid that it’s going to rain very soon because I see clouds fitting into one dark grey entity. I don’t like thunder and lighting. I’m simply afraid of these things. The matter is that one of my relatives perished in the strike of the lighting. The worst thing was that he died in front of me. He was very close to me at that moment. Luckily I managed to survive at that moment. I was ten years old at that time. From that time I’m afraid of lighting.

Oh, no. I can hear the first sounds of thunder and the first drops of rain are falling on my head. Thank God I can see you now. Finally we’ve found a shelter under a high tree. Some guys tell that it’s very dangerous to stay under a tree during a thunderstorm because lighting can strike it. But to say honestly I’m not going to express my fear now because I’m with my girl now. Luckily the rain is over. It’s been a very short rain to my great surprise.

As mentioned above I’m afraid of thunder. But now I’m going to follow my girl’s advice. I’d like to get rid of my fear of thunder with the help of ringtones. I have heard somehow that it’s useful to experience scaring things for several times in order to evaporate this fear. So I’ve made up my mind to find a ringtone which is very similar to the sound of thunder. So I’m going to install this ringtone on my cell phone. In this case I’ll be able to hear the sound of thunder each time I receive a call. According to my prediction very soon I’ll get rid of such a nasty fear with the help of this unique ringtone.

But to my great surprise I couldn’t find a slight resemblance of this on the World Wide Web. I surfed a lot of different websites but the result was rather disappointing. Even search engines appeared to be hopeless in this situation.

But anyway I’m not going to give up. I think that it would be much better for to make this unique ringtone by myself. In fact it’s quite easy to do. I’ll simply cut out a certain part of the soundtrack including this sound. Then I only need to convert this track into a special format compatible with my cell phone. I feel a strong desire to start doing this right now. It will be a very useful ringtone for me.

People like being unique and whole huge industries are built around this wish – ring tones are among them. This free ring tones website will help you to find truly helpful free ring tones info and will provide you with practical advice about how and where to get free ring tones.

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