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Ringtones personalize my cell phone.

For the last time our cell phones have passed a complicated gradual evolution from relatively primitive devices for transmitting and receiving radio waves to quite multifunctional devices capable to replace other specialized devices in some cases, to a certain degree off course.

Even now you can have an opportunity to come across numerous conservative persons who aren’t excited by the idea of turning formerly specialized devices into multifunctional ones. Some of them still prefer using the first models of cell phones. They are used to motivating their choice by a great variety of reasons. Some of these reasons given by them often sound strange and mysterious. For example these guys are afraid of using modern expensive models of cell phones. They usually point out that an expensive model can be stolen relatively easily because in this case it’s more attractive for most of thieves according to their point of view. That’s why they prefer much cheaper models of cell phones for their basic needs. Another their reason is that modern cell phones seem to be very vulnerable for hitting or throwing them down on the ground. These people think that most of modern cell phones can’t be anti – shock. They are ready for a tough discussion on this matter. I don’t doubt that they will be persistent with their beliefs. They think that such parts of modern cell phones as camera lens can be considered to be especially vulnerable for any kind of damage. To say honestly I can share this point of view to some extent. The matter is that I always remember my first cell phones. I often hit and let them out of my hands without a definite purpose off course. But none of them was damaged. There was no any slight resemblance of malfunction at that time.

But there’s one thing which I can’t endure in old robust models of cell phones. I hate old fashioned standard and primitive ringtones typical for old cell phones. I’m fond of constant personalizing of my own cell phone. So as it follows from this dull primitive ringtones can’t satisfy my basic needs. Moreover I’m ready to be deprived of such functions as cameras and dictaphones for the sake of high quality ringtones. In other words I’d like to have one something similar to an old robust cell phone but with perfect ringtones. I can’t stop downloading numerous ringtones from the World Wide Web. Some of them can’t be to my liking. That’s why I can’t stop my constant searching for something better. I know that there area lot of interesting ringtones on the World Wide Web. So I’m not going to be tired with my searching because I want to have a relatively well personalized cell phone.

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