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Just after it was newly launched into the market, the dual SIM mobile phones are selling like hotcakes, especially because it provides the users with a very unique facility. Ever since it has been into the market, people of all ages and all socio-economic background have started running after it. Planning to buy your own dual SIM mobile phone? Scroll down to know what you need to know about dual SIM mobile phones before you buy one.

The dual SIM mobile phone models were manufactured, you could insert two SIM cards, but both the numbers would not be active at the same time. Therefore, you need not carry two different phone sets. However, these SIMs could be made active one at a time- not both SIMs were active simultaneously in these phones. In recent times, advanced features have been integrated to develop new dual SIM mobile phones where you can keep both the SIMs active.

Dual SIM mobile phones are highly recommended for those who have to use multiple contact numbers, especially those who are frequently on roaming. With its excellent features you just have to go to the menu where you can switch from one SIM card to the other. These dual SIM mobile phones usually consist of two transceivers that must display signal strength for both the SIMs. The extraordinary thing is that despite using two different SIM cards, the signals are strong both of them. You can turn your dual SIM mobile phone into a stand-by mode, if you want to save the energy of battery.

In general, dual SIM mobile phones are integrated with analog IC chips. However, certain manufactures have also started using the latest digital IC chips. However, it is not very tough to come across these mobile phones with latest IC chips developed by different manufacturers. Business strategies of the manufacturers and the competition in the market may reduce the price of dual SIM mobile phones, while the quality will increase.

You need not worry about the quality of the dual SIM mobile phones since they are manufactured by branded companies. Some of such companies are Samsung, Spice and LG.

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