Apple Accessories: How To Enhance Your Iphon

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While the new Apple iPhone was made available to the public just months ago, the whole industry that provides the many Apple accessories has been gearing up to provide some great and useful add-ons to extend the usefulness of your new iPhone and also to protect it.

With the minimum investment in an Apple iPhone of several hundred dollars, one of the first things you will want to do is protect it, especially the screen, from dirt and scratches. After all, with a brilliant display to watch your favorite music videos or TV shows, who wants a nasty scratch disrupting your viewing enjoyment.

There is a wide variety of choices in Apple accessories that are designed to ensure that your new iPhone is adequately protected from the rigors of the mobile lifestyle by keeping out the dust, providing scratch protection and cushioning for unexpected impacts.

One such useful accessory for the Apple iPhone is the Power Support Crystal Jacket Set. This iPhone cover combines function in a contour-hugging, crystal clear plastic case that comes with a holster. It provides serious protection to the phone while allowing you to have complete and unobstructed access to all of the device functions. With the optional holster, you are able to keep the iPhone at the ready at all times. Clip the phone to your purse strap, your belt or even the inside of a backpack or gym bag.

Another entry in the category of Apple accessories to protect your iPhone is from the manufacturer, Incase. They make another version of the all-important protective cover, and theirs is a precision-molded case that provides uncompromising protection for the device and does not interfere with any of the functionality of the iPhone. It is available in three modern colors. the Incase Protective Cover gives you direct access to the full screen of the iPhone and it’s touch controls, has openings for the speakerphone, microphone and the camera lens and also offers unimpeded access to the dock connector. One of the best benefits of this case is that it protects the phone without adding bulk because of its form-fitting construction. Also, your Apple iPhone can be charged without removing it from this protective cover.

Apple accessories for the iPhone also include the Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset, which allows you to answer your iPhone calls wirelessly with a very compact and lightweight device, which also comes with an iPhone Dual Dock and a travel cable. This headset features a single-button control that enables you to both receive and make calls easily and intuitively and it boasts an innovative design that will surely garner attention. The earpiece is very lightweight and is reported to be comfortable and can be worn in either ear. It will give you up to 5.5 hours of talk time between charges and up to 72 hours in standby mode.

Other Apple accessories designed for your iPhone include the iPhone Dock, a variety of in-car chargers, phone sports armbands, headphone adapters, AV cables and many other varieties of cases and headsets. Many of these accessories for the Apple iPhone can also be read about in various cell phone reviews and blogs.

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