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There are many Google Android applications that you can download in the applications section of your Android phone. Android applications run the gambit from productivity and work apps, to fun and leisure apps that have no purpose whatsoever except to entertain.

A really fun, handy and user-friendly application designed by Android applications developers is Quickpedia. It is a free application that allows users to browse Wikipedia on their Google mobile phone.

This application makes viewing Wikipedia pages so much easier than attempting to view them without it. The application optimizes the pages for the Android phone’s smaller display screen. You can use the Quickpedia to search for articles that might interest you while you are out and about and away from your regular PC.

Browsing Wikipedia becomes a breeze with Quickpedia’s easy-to-navigate user interface. This application also lets the user save the text to the phone’s secure digital card or memory card.

It has a nearby feature that you can use to find Wikipedia articles about places that are near you. You can also discover what other Quickpedia users are looking for by clicking on the popular tab.

One of the first Google Android applications released for the Android phone was Ringdroid. Ringdroid lets users create ring tones from songs that are already on their Android phone.

They choose the segment of song they want and then they can save it, which creates a ring tone, as well as a notification, an alarm or an edited song. This application is very user-friendly and can turn even an average Joe into a sound technician.

Fbook is the unofficial Facebook application for the Android phone. Just about everyone has a Facebook account, and the fact is, if you have to choose between all the social networking web sites around, Facebook is probably one of your first choices.

Fbook optimizes Facebook’s iPhone website for the Android Phone and allows users to upload their photos directly from their smart phone to their Facebook account. Even when the Android Facebook application is closed, users will still receive notifications when updates are made by their friends and family.

Another application designed by mobile application development for the Android phone is BreadCrumbz, which has a unique approach to navigation that enables a new kind of user-created geo-content.

Their aim is to develop a platform and a community where people create, store and share geo-content that is meaningful to them with their friends, coworkers and family or with the world at large.

The above applications are just a few of the thousands of Google Android applications available for download on your Android phone, which make every day life a little easier and a little more fun.

Of course, you may already have your own favorites that didn’t make this list. You may discover that the mobile software application on your Google mobile, you just can’t live without has been right under your nose all along.

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