Cash for Old Mobiles: Money on the Upgrade

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Did you know that you can earn some extra cash for old mobiles?

These days mobile phones hardly cost anything. When mobile phones were first invented, only the wealthy could afford them. Almost everyone that did not have a mobile phone back then would dream about owning one so they too could be contactable no matter where they were. Times have certainly changed as these days having a mobile phone is more of a necessity than a luxury. One really could not imagine how life would be without our precious devices. Mobile companies are also constantly trying to tempt customers with new models, designs, and enhancements. It’s therefore quite obvious that we will often get lured into replacing our current mobile phones for newer, more function rich models quite often.

Generally, a mobile phone is used for 18 months or less. Which translates to around 130 billion phones getting stored or thrown out every year and a half. Many of which are still in functioning order! There is therefore a heck of a lot of product to be hidden away or in rubbish tips, especially considering how many people would buy them if they were refurbished.

Do you keep your old mobile phones, even though you are never likely to use them again? Do you have any particular reasons for doing so? How about getting a bit of cash for old mobiles by selling them online?

There are a number of recycling companies on the internet that will pay you good cash for your old mobiles, through their websites. Best of all; most of these companies will let you send them your damaged or broken phones too. These broken phones are usually recycled in an environmentally safe way after their precious metals and working parts have been extracted.

You can earn cash for old mobiles in one of several ways. If you can’t find anyone around you who needs a used mobile, then you can try different auction websites like eBay, even this however does not mean that you will actually sell it.

An old mobile phone can pollute both water and earth and seriously harm our environment, therefore you should never throw your old phones away. Chemical and heavy metal pollution could potentially make us seriously ill if it were to end up in our water supply.

Where Should I Recycle my Mobile Phone?

There are quite a few companies online that will offer you money for your old mobile phones. The majority of which will offer you a comparable price for your old mobile, whilst others will not. Therefore, it’s strongly advised that your compare prices between the different recycling companies to find the best deal before you sell your old mobile phone. Nowadays, there are plenty of mobile phone recycling comparison sites that let you compare the different prices that each company is prepared to pay you for your old mobile phone.

Making cash for old mobiles is one of the best things you can do. Whilst you will be able to get some money by recycling your old phone, you will also be helping save the environment! What are you waiting for? Collect all your old mobile phones now, compare prices to find the best offer and make some decent money by recycling them right now!

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