Choosing The Right Widescreen The Suits Your Needs

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Huge things are cool. Big computer monitors are truly cool so the minute I have saved up enough to upgrade I went out to search for a new one. The rush died when I had to decide between a widescreen 19” monitor and the standard 19″x19″ monitor.

Not Precisely Settled with a Square Monitor

My initial consideration is that ever since I have owned a PC, screens were square and I am losing interest with the look. The really bulky bodies of these square monitors are more troublesome than ever, especially on the bigger sizes and regardless of the presence of advancements in technology. Having a bigger monitor size but still basically having the same quantity of viewing and working space, what’s the point in that?

The Wider the Better

With a widescreen 19″ monitor my work space is doubled, I’ll place 2 windows that I am working with side by side. I could go wider than 19″ inches as the head room is shorter than the square monitors with the same width, lesser height means lesser total pixels and therefore less expensive in comparison too when it comes to get cost. If the purchase price. If the purchase price is not enough of a bargain yet, then the operating costs will get you, these widescreen 19″ monitors consume power a load more efficiently than its square opposite numbers. The exasperating bulk is gone which then frees up space on my desk, sufficient space for a cup of joe to accompany me while working.

The only drawback I can think about is there would be more scrolling involved with a stunted viewing height, but that is simply solved with a true scrolling button of a mouse.

Look loves the verdict is in then, my new PC monitor would be a widescreen 19″ monitor!

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