Consider Mobile Phone Recycling a Realistic Opportunity to Make Some Money

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Are you interested in mobile phone recycling? Many people still have there old mobile phones packed away, eventhough they haven’t used them in many years. Many people trade their old phones in for more advanced handsets or simply purchase a new mobile phone on a whim all the time. What they don’t realise, at the time, is that they will never use their old mobiles again.

Thankfully, there is a solution; many companies that specialise in mobile phone recycling have recently sprouted up online who will even pay you cash for your old phone. Who wouldn’t rather have some extra cash than a box full of old mobile phones?

Reasons to Recycle your Old Mobile Phone

There are plenty of good reasons, besides cash, to think about when you consider mobile phone recycling. New mobile phone sales have increased astronomically over the last 10 years with billions of people either buying or upgrading their old ones for newer models.

Currently most people either put their old phones somewhere ‘safe’ or throw them out. Envisage the billions of old mobile phones, which are no longer in use, either collecting dust at the back of a drawer or getting dumped at public waste sites. Obviously neither of these options are satisfactory considering the fact that you can earn some money from them.

How to Sell your Old Mobile Phone

A mobile phone recycler will offer you more for your phone if it is newer and still working properly. Usually, mobile phone recycling companies will resell your old phone to people in other, less developed, countries or recycle their parts for spares.

Some may think that it’s better to sell your old phone yourself and get more cash for it. While this may sound like a viable option, you must remember that there are no guarantees of a sale.

Potential Sites

You will find there are many sites online that offer cash for old mobile phones. Whilst they all offer some money, some of these companies may also offer vouchers or a combination of the two. The offer you search for should be based upon your needs.

If you need something from one of the voucher offerings then a site that will pay you in vouchers might be best for you, especially as voucher values are usually higher than cash. Should you not need to buy from one of these retailers then it’s probably a better idea to look for the company that will give you the most money for your old mobile phone.

How to Recycle my Old Mobile Phone

As soon as you have found the best offer for your old mobile phone you will be asked to fill out a form; providing the recycler with some information about the phone as well as yourself. Once you have done this, you will receive a freepost bag from them which you can use to send them your phone. Unless you pay for ‘sign for’ delivery, your phone will not be insured and the recycler will therefore not be responsible should anything happen to it during transit.

You should receive your cash or vouchers or both very soon after you send your phone in. If your phone happens to not be in the condition you indicated on their site then it’s more than likely that they will pay you less for it. It is also important that you remove all pin or security passwords and ensure that you send them your phone fully charged and switched off.

If you have a box of mobile phones sitting around not being used, mobile phone recycling may be a profitable option for you. Not only will it help you to free up some space but you will also be able to enjoy a bit of extra cash too!

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