Customizing Ringtones on Used Cell Phones

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Many of us live by the motto, “why pay for something to get done when we can do it ourselves?” This includes the cell phone ringtones we all hear and love. Did you know that you have the ability to edit any song you want in your collection for the really low price of nothing? You don’t have to pay a single dime to get this service. You not only choose the audio file that piques your interest as a ringtone but what section of it you want to hear when your phone rings. This means you don’t have to worry with those goofy ringtones your refurbished cell phones has that won’t even let you get the part of the song you want.

Where do you Start?

PhoneZoo is one of the numerous free services that are available to help you out, so start by creating an account. It’s a very quick and easy process that involves following some simple directions. Be careful to make sure you put the right number in for your cell phone, otherwise you may end up sending ringtones to someone else’s phone.

Upload Your Audio File

In addition to having a large customer-contributed cache of ringtones available on their website for direct download to your cell phone, you can upload your favorite audio file and create your own custom ringtone. Once uploaded, the online audio editor will guide you through choosing which section of the audio file you want to retain and become your ringtone. Remember, you can use any audio file – it doesn’t ahve to be a song. Any audio file will do, so get creative with your ringtone choices! Just keep in mind that there is a 15MB file size limit to each upload, but most audio files fit within the limit.

Choose a Delivery Method

Now, depending on your Internet connection, you can get those ringtones on your used Verizon phones without too much of a problem. While you may not have current Internet access on that refurbished cell phone, you can still get your free custom ringone through a service called Bluetooth. You can also get it by connecting the cell phone directly into your computer/laptop by way of a USB cord. If you need further help with this, be sure you look over PhoneZoo’s help section for explanations on how to download your custom ringtone onto your computer and transfer it to the cell phone.

Setting Up Your Custom Ringtone

Now, it’s time to set up or install your ringtone. Since the set up varies among phones and service providers, be sure to consult your instruction manual for specific instructions related to your model. Most phones have options that allow you to use the ringtone for all incoming calls or select certain ringtones for specific individual contacts.

Join the Community

PhoneZoo has the wonderful option of sharing your ringtone with other users. Whether you want to do this is entirely up to you. For those of you who spent time and effort creating a unique ringtone, you may want to skip this option so that it remains your original creation.

With the PhoneZoo website, you no longer have to buy ringtones for your refurbished cellular phones. Instead, you can create your own custom tone from scratch or choose from the thousands of ringtones uploaded on the website. Any person has the ability to make a customized ringtone for their used or refurbished cellular phones and do it all for free!

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