Get a Few Extra Quid from Mobile Phone Recycling

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Have you ever considered mobile phone recycling? If you responded yes to the above then this article may be of interest to you.

There are approximately 50 million mobile phone subscribers in the UK alone! On average, most people replace their old mobile phones by either upgrading them or buying new ones at least once a year. The biggest problem is that the amount of old phones getting thrown out or ending up in storage somewhere is much the same as the number of new phones being bought. Worst of all, without mobile phone recycling, their old phones will eventually damage our environment and poison our water supplies, potentially causing all kinds of problems.

Chemicals and other Substances in your phone!

Our phones all contain chemicals, heavy metals and lots of other substances that, if spilled, would be very dangerous for our environment. Along with flame retardants, our mobile phones also have varying quantities of dangerous heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and beryllium inside. If people come into contact with these harmful substances it is possible that they could suffer from lung probelems, renal issues, tumours and various brain related complications.

Ways to Recycle your Old Mobile Phone

You can recycle your mobile in a number of ways depending on your preferences and schedule. Below is a list of the different ways that you can use to recycle your phone:

  • Most mobile networks will request that you send them your old handset for recycling when you upgrade or buy a new one.
  • Finally, your best option would be to recycle your old phone with one of the many mobile phone recyclers online. As these companies will often pay more than £200 for select handsets.
  • Help the under privileged or the ill by handing your old phone to the local charity shop to resell.

Why you Should Choose a Mobile Phone Recycling Company:

Most recyclers will pay you for your damaged or broken phone.

You can simply send in the handset and the battery and do not need to include all your accessories.

Your payment should arrive shortly after they receive your old phone.

These companies will ensure that your old phone is properly recycled, thereby helping protect the environment.

There is no better option than mobile phone recycling as it is one of the best options in terms of preventing pollution and even allows you to earn a little bit of cash whilst doing so.

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