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The new Sony Ericsson Z520a is described by reviewers as a great deal for anyone. It attracts with two smart features regarding the light system. This does not come as a surprise if we consider the ‘Light up your world’ logo. The light effects will be mostly noticed when there is an incoming call or an unread message waiting in the inbox. Sony Erricson Z520a makes it possible to attach photos for every contact, and the caller will be identified before your opening the phone.

Due to such eye-catching features, the mobile phones market has grown larger. You’ve got lights, sound and visual display for the caller identification, and this is the reason why lots of people have grown too used to such features to give them up for other phone designs.

Sony Ericsson Z520a is a pretty small toy that weighs only 94 grams which makes it indeed very light. It may appear a bit thicker as compared to other phones, but explanation is in its fold structure. Once you unfold it, you will see how thin it actually looks. There is a 128×160 pixel resolution and it uses the new TFT technology (Thin Film Transistor) which makes the display rely on liquid crystals much like in the LCD technology. In case you care about the color choice, then you may take your pick from the three available variants: sandy gray, chalky white and new blue. Whichever of the three you choose, the phone will look pretty elegant in your hand.

The buyer could also be interest in the battery performance of Sony Ericsson Z520a. The producer brags that the phone offers 16 MB memory, yet the free memory in reality may be much less than that depending on how the phone has been configured. The battery may last up to 9 hours talk time and around 400 hours standby time. You can learn about other phone features from various retailers that advertise the product or by checking the official web page; most often you’ll come across the music option, the connectivity feature, the organizer and several other advantages of Sony Ericsson Z520a.

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