Global Mobile 1 Best Cell Phone Plans?

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Global Mobile 1 offers unmetered calling in northAmerica, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Global Mobile one with no question is changing the sector of telecommunications as we all know it. Their recent partnership will blow away any plan, rate or provider out there.

Many people who’ve been waiting and watching on the sidelines, still appear awfully inquisitive about The New world Mobile one unlimited cell telephone plans.

Global Verge had attempted to noiselessly launch a cell phone service back in June of 2009. At that point they were partnered with Ben Piilani and zero one through global Verges mobile division called Buzzirk. What was not expected for this newly made mobile alliance was the Ridiculously High level of interest by the general public, telecoms rivals and would be business partners.

Global Mobile 1 powered by Global Verge is offering for the 1st time a really Unlimited Mobile Service.

Here’s a snipit of the cheap cell phone plan features :

  • * No Carrier Can Compare
  • * Global Verge Mobile is the carrier and not a reseller
  • * Cutting-edge Technology
  • * Unlimited Calling to the US and Canada for Domestic Plan, $79.95 a month with US origination.
  • * Custom Caller ID w/Name – Custom Caller ID allows you to set whatever Caller ID you would like for specific numbers that call your home.

There are 35+ feature in total obviously way to much to list here, but the point is this telephone plan and telephone itself is so new generation I cant even describe it.

The launching of this new global Mobile one service was acritical major} step forward, not only for world Verge, the e-associates or the wireless industry but I believe itwas a important step for Wireless patrons in general. Thanks to the deep impact global Verge has already made and demonstrated to be possible purchasers everywere will benefit fantastically. Other carriers will shortly be made to drop costs and become more flexible in repsonse to big shift in power in the business world Verge, Buzzirk and world Mobile one have brought to the table.

What I like about world Mobile one is that they keep it simplistic. Straightforward to realise, simple to sign up and simple to start. I’ve looked at other prepaid cell telephone plans and you just have to use caution. They all have different selling tactics such as a first free month, a free cell phone, unlimited web access. T-Mobiles pre-paid plan announces that it includes “unlimited web” but then when you click thru to view the plan, “unlimited web” falls into the “OPTIONAL SERVICES” heading. What a sting. There’s another company out there claiming to have an unlimited plan for $20 but of course they are not informing you about the $270 activation fee.

Right now we are actively looking for new distributors to help spread the world about this carrier. We have obtained approx 30K distributors in under two months and forecast well over 100K by December of 2009. If you’ve got any internet promotion experience or are aiming to make some money at home then feel at ease to touch base will us at our Global Mobile 1 website and position yourself with our team of selling specialists.

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