How The Apple iPhone Frenzy Was Spread Around The Globe By Apple Inc

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Are people who refer to the iphone as a cellular phone insulting Apples master device . It may have a couple of similarities of a normal cellular phone, like voice call and text, but that is where the similarities end. With its revolutionary touch screen controls and the actual iPhone software itself, it was not surprising that the release of the first version in 2007 created such a stir. And once it became possible to download all sorts of extra little applications to customize one’s iPhone, it was a real no brainer that the iphones buzz really took off and made it a global hit.

What created the huge sensation over the Apple iPhone when it emerged out was the new touch screen technologies, combined with the phone, texting and internet abilities that already existed in other products, such as the Blackberry. But as development progressed, people began hearing iPhone application news, that is, information that they’d be able to design or download personal apps to personalize their phones. This created a new ecstatic hype even whilst people were still in love of the locked 2007 model.

The initial iPhone was released gradually in several countries around the world. Its launch started in the USA in the summer of 2007. Over the following months, the iphone was rolled out across much of Europe and the UK, as distribution agreements were reached with large European network operators on an exclusive basis. And everywhere the iPhone news spread, people continued lining up and paying high prices to get an iPhone of their own.

With each new iPhone release, Apple has added features that have kept the device popular and in great demand. The distinction between the 3G and 3GS versions was mainly one of overall performance and a few additional video capabilities, but it was the leap in function between the 2007 Apple iPhone and the 3G version in 2008 that really pushed it over the top. Even with some issue over excessive prices, the ability to download beneficial applications has taken the concept of a simple mobile phone and raised into another realm completely.

Most of the other cell phone manufacturers have tried to compete with Apples iphone, but I think it would be fair to say, no one has really got close to creating any real competition for the iconic Apple handset.

A prime example could be HTC with the launch of Hero in 2009, which seemed to be their take on the iphone. It reportedly was going to compete with the iphone, but although there was quite a buzz about the HTC device, it never really hit the mark. Its operating system, the Googles Android system was great, along with the choice of thousands of downloadable apps. Unfortunately for HTC it was let down by a low spec hardware and painfully slow processor, along with several clumsy hardware buttons at the bottom of the screen that could be pressed in error, rapidly closing your session.

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