How To Activate A Used Blackberry

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The average cell phone user upgrades to a newer model every 1.5 years. Buying a used cell phone can benefit those looking for the latest and greatest in a cell phone. Technology in cell phones rarely changes that dramatically within the span of a year, so buying a used blackberry is a great option to save a few dollars while still getting the phone with all of the features you’re looking for.

Before buying a used phone, be very sure that the phone you are buying is one that is compatible with the network you are currently using. In North America there are two different types of technology employed by the major wireless carriers: GSM and CDMA.

Phones that are on GSM networks have a small removable card, known as a SIM card, inside. Phones that are on CDMA networks do not have the removable SIM cards. A GSM phone cannot be used on a CDMA network, and vice versa.

Before purchasing a refurbished blackberry cell phone from a source other than your wireless provider, check what technology the phone is using.

Additionally, if you are buying a used GSM phone be sure that it is not locked to another GSM network; the refurbished blackberry cell phone you buy either needs to be locked to your existing network or it needs to be an unlocked unit.

Activating your phone on your network is a very simple process!

GSM Network
If you have purchased a used cell phone from your wireless provider chances are they will take care of the activation for you by removing the SIM card from your previous phone and placing it in the newer cell phone, or simply by activating a brand new SIM for the new phone.

If you have purchased your used cell phone from another source, and it is not locked to another wireless provider, activating your phone is as simple as removing the SIM card from your former phone and placing it in your newly purchased phone. If you do not yet have a SIM card for your phone you’ll need to either visit a mobile provider’s store or call them and request a new SIM card.

CDMA Network
Phones that are on a CDMA network are identifiable by the phone’s ESN number. The ESN number is a unique identifying number for your phone. The number can typically be located on the phone under the battery. Before calling or visiting your provider, make sure you have your phone’s ESN number. Your account with them will be linked directly to your phone using that unique identifying number. A quick call or visit to a store location is all you need to get your phone activated with your network.

Once your phone has been activated with your wireless provider’s network you should be able to use it without any issues or concerns.

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