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The usb foot pedal serves for multiple tasks associated with hands free transcribing and dictating. The features corresponding to such an automatic device limit the extent of the workload and the fatigue that usually characterize transcription and dictation services. USB foot pedal appliances are available with medical transcription, legal and public safety transcription, insurance transcription and hands free dictation. The products need to be used in parallel with a dictating software, and there should be a match between the two in terms of compatibility. The invention of the USB foot pedal made tasks and transactions swifter and better in terms of quality, with applications now touching upon a large number of work fields.

The use of the USB foot pedal also enables a good work position thanks to the ergonomic design. Depending on the user’s requirements, larger or smaller sizes are available. The pedal includes a central sloping device and two additional keys that correspond to the fast forward and the rewind modes. It is expected for a USB foot pedal to be compatible with the transcription or dictation software and also be resistance to rugged usage. Another issue that you ought to consider is the minimizing of the foot fatigue, which means that the USB foot pedal should be easy to operate.

There are several operating system requirements for the use of an USB foot pedal. Most of the devices available on the market require a Windows-based transcription software program. Here, we ought to mention that the pedal is not compatible with Windows Media player or other sound file players. The device needs an especially designed software in order to be operational. Manufacturers of foot pedals usually include a list of compatible transcription softwares in the product’s instructions or manual. Check this list carefully before buying a USB foot pedal.

If you an solve the issue of the transcription software, you may be able to even use the in usb foot pedal on an Apple Macintosh. The transcription software needs to match Mac platform. Carefully check all these features in advance, before paying for the device. In case you need to buy several foot pedals for multiple computers, you may have to talk to your network administrator and see if he/she can make any viable technical suggestions for the implementation of the systems. Audio dictation and file transcription should be a lot easier afterwards.

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