iPhone Insurance Policies Can Save You Cash if You Break Your New 3G-S

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The latest iPhone model has now been launched; the iPhone 3G s with its quicker operating speed and fantastic new video capture functions, the 3GS really is something else in the mobile phone market.

It is worth noticing the higher price tag of the iPhone 3G S, as with all the latest versions or models of any electrical equipment, the price will undoubtedly go up; the latest edition to the iPhone family offers no change to this trend, with the 3GS model significantly larger price tag than its older relation. So it is worth considering iphone insurance 3g to protect your new 3G-S iPhone right from the start.

The higher price leaves the new owner with a question, and thats weather they should protect their new 3GS iPhone from common occurrences like loss, theft and accidental damage, with an individual iphone insurance policy, alternative protection can be included within your household contents insurance as the replacement cost will be the best part of 400 pounds.

What can make the prosess all the more harder, is that there is so many variables that could make some of the iPhone insurance cover options better for one person, yet on the other hand, for another person, this could not be the best option available. Now lets take a peek at the different insurance cover for the new 3GS, for different people in different circumstances.

The first option we should look at is including your iPhone on your home contents insurance policy. This is an obvious first choice and may well be a good option for many iPhone owners, that is, indeed, if you actually have home contents insurance in the first place, as many people tend to take a gamble on this, especially younger people in rented houses. One point to clarify before you get iPhone insurance cover through your content insurance, is the excess charge in the event of a claim and, secondly, if a claim for three or four hundred on you contents insurance, will the price rocket next year, as you may well loose your no claims bonus.

Secondly, is the 3G S iPhone Cover you will be offered when you first take out your iPhone contract. This is an area where caution is needed, as phone sales staff are trying to push their companies insurance on you to meet there sales quota. You will almost always find, this will be the most expensive cover and may not cover you for what is really needed, like loss and water damage. At this point you would be better asking for a written copy of the insurance terms and conditions, sitting down and reading them, rather than taking the sales reps word for it, you may well be shocked.

Thirdly is the specialist 3GS iPhone Insurance cover. The stand alone type of iphone cover 3G is more often than not cheaper than the network providers insurance and often provides enhanced cover, making really good value for money.

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