Lights, Chamois, Fashion: Using LEDs In Clothing Design

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Outfits are often Calculated to be practical. Clothes are also designed to be fashionable and fun to wear. Some clothes manage to be parctical, fashionable and fun to wear. With the introduction of cyber wear, the use of computers in clothing, a whole new view of fashion is emerging. A few stylists are turning to visual drama created using LED lights. A LED light bulb can be worked into designs to create some amazing fashion statements as well as serve for practical applications. Artists and engineers are coming together to bring new light to old clothes.

Some of the most obvious uses of illuminated clothing user safety. A shirt that lights up at night draws attention before car lights hit a reflective tape. Flashing lights on a jogger is far safer than a driver reacting only after the jogger enters the drivers beam. A Self lit clothes are much more likely to get noticed. There are Many reasons for illuminating clothing besides safety concerns. Gloves that light up would be useful for campers. Headlights are often used by rock climbers and campers. They throw light wherever the person looks. Often that is directly in the eyes of the person they are talking with, making it difficult for the other person to see. Hand wear with light emitting diodes can cast light on work areas and wherever the person reaches.

Clothes can contain LED Light displays that can flash text or display art. A shirt can advertise a company logo or message. It can also display scrolling text or flashing images. The displays can be programmed to pulse to audio input, or react to body temperature and pulse, making the rapidly beating heart a visual display announcing attraction. This fashion can be used with many accessories. A pocketbook could light up when opened, so the checkbook and breath freshener can be easily retrieved. An umbrella could display constellations, creating romantic ambiance and keeping the rain off. Lets not get started on lingerie.

Clothing designers can go nuts. Fashion takes on an entire new dimension with the addition of lights and colors. There are lights so tiny the can be worked seamlessly into the clothes. Veils of light can provide flattering personal fill light. A person can go dancing with a blouse programmed to send text taking flirting to a whole new level. It is a whole a different meaning to the term nonverbal communication. Light emitting Diodes are modifying the way we light homes, buildings, cars, planes and boats. They have been used in hundreds of ways. Now, with the advancement of fabrics that can be used to create computerized clothes, light emitting diodes are entering the world of fashion. There are still a few stumbling blocks to resolve, such as how to wash the clothes and how to handle the rare light burn out, before these items can be mass marketed. In a few years the streets will be shimmering with innovative fashion designs.

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