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There has been little competition in the telecom industry all along, leading to a monopoly which leaves consumer like you and I with little choices. The plans that they offer are also often not suited to our low usage, and we are overpaying and underutilizing them. On top of that, they have jacked up their charges every year, which increases the cost of using a land line.. Thankfully, with the widespread integration of broadband cable in our homes, it is easy to just switch to a VoIP service..

Voice Over Internet Protocol, known to many as VoIP, has been in existance for many years. Plenty of business owners have implemented it in order to balance the heavy phone usage. It is only lately that VoIP is made more available for residential usage, and people have cut their phone bills tremendously.

VoIP simply uses your home broadband connection to make outgoing calls, an easy concept to understand In the past, VoIP required complex softwares and complicated handsets When the Magic Jack made its appearance, a new standard in VoIP was set. Use your existing home telephone, insert the line into the Magic Jack before linking up the other end of the wire into a USB port of your PC, and you are all ready.
Magic Jack

The Magic Jack will work regardless of what platform or operating system your PC is.

Let’s see what you get with the Magic Jack:

When you use the Magic Jack, you don’t have to be concerned about reception or being cut off during phone conversations The days of expensive phone bills will cease to exist, and you now can talk longer without worrying

Both 911 and 411 features work

Laptop owners will rejoice! Simply pack the Magic Jack with you when you travel, and you can make free phone calls, provided you find a phoneline that you can plug into. Furthermore, if you bring it overseas, US and Canadian calls are still free!

Give the Magic Jack a try for 30 days, and if it isn’t what it claims, get a full refund no questions asked. Not that you’ll need it anyway. This little piece of technology will save you a truckload of money, and I’m sure you’ll be praising it really soon. The Magic Jack has been featured on numerous medias as well, and thousands more are using it daily.. Visit us to!
Magic Jack

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