Main Aspects And Advantages Of Rapid Prototyping Technology

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Rapid prototyping has several names, known to those who work in this sphere and who uses rapid prototyping services. Solid freeform fabrication is one of such names. The rapid prototyping technology, also called RP, is a new step in the prototyping industry, one more innovation in prototyping engineering. Rapid prototyping is creation of three-dimensional prototyping objects, requiring no extra tooling. In other words, RP designers and producer have no need to process the finished object with the help of tools and instruments. One more name for rapid prototyping technology is a layered modeling, which has appeared in the middle 80s of the 20th century. It is not only a relatively young technology, but also a revolutionary one. It lets designers working on the prototyping model put on the prototyping materials in a layered manner, so that the objects acquires a finished and ideal shape. This technology is also perfect because no extra work like curving and cutting off the extra material needed when the object comes from the prototyping table. Using rapid prototyping technology, designers are not limited by a small number of opportunities. Certain freedom of creative activity must be given to designers in the process of prototyping design. It is very important for any profession and rapid prototyping is not an exception.

Another positive side in rapid prototyping is the speed of project implementation. Due to the computer-aided technology, rapid prototyping makes it possible to speed up the production up to several hours. What does make rapid prototyping so great in usage and help to get rid of tooling? Firstly, materials are of great importance. Modern industries offer a large number of RP material options. Of course, their price level as well as quality is different. One of the most usable materials is rapid prototyping wax. It combines both acceptable price and good quality. The material is very flexible, which helps to create the most accurate prototyping models without additional manual tooling.

Rapid prototyping wax can be easily mixed with any other rapid prototyping material irrespectively of their quality and consistence. Mixing of materials is very important and sometimes inevitable, because it can be needed in order to get the model of the highest quality and solidity. The range of materials that can be added to rapid prototyping wax during the process is practically endless; you can even use rapid prototyping wax together with metal prototyping materials. RP wax is very good for casting of the shell mold, because it is hardening faster than any other material. It means that comparing to other material, rapid prototyping wax will let you maximally shorten the term of the rapid prototyping process. To cut the long story short, nowadays, rapid prototyping wax is one of the leaders in the market of the rapid prototyping materials.

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