Mobile Phone Recycling – There’s Easy Cash to be Made!

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Do you want to learn more about mobile phone recycling? If you responded yes to the above then this article may be of interest to you.

There are approximately 50 million mobile phone subscribers in the UK alone! Most of these users tend to upgrade their mobile phones or purchase a newer model every 12 months, on average. The biggest problem is that the amount of old phones getting thrown out or ending up in storage somewhere is much the same as the number of new phones being bought. What people really don’t realise is that without mobile phone recycling, the toxic metals from these phones will seep into the water and soil; potentially causing damage to our eco-system.

Dangerous Substances in your phone!

Our phones all contain chemicals, heavy metals and lots of other substances that, if spilled, would be very dangerous for our environment. Some of the bad metals found inside our phones include: beryllium, cadmium, lead, and flame-retardants. These dangerous elements are thought to cause ailments in both children and adults ranging from lung disease to tumours, liver damage and decreased immunity as well as brain related disorders.

Ways to Recycle your Old Mobile Phone

You can recycle your mobile in a number of ways depending on your preferences and schedule. The following list presents the ways in which you can recycle your old mobile phone:

* Often your mobile network will recycle your old phone when you upgrade or purchase a new one.
* Help the under privileged or the ill by handing your old phone to the local charity shop to resell.
* There are lots of places such as eBay that you can sell your phone for cash on.
* Your last, and possibly best option, is to sell your old phone to one of the many online mobile phone recycling companies. These sites can get you more than £200 per phone – for the right phones.

Why you Should Choose a Mobile Phone Recycling Company:

* These companies will often give you some money for your damaged and broken phones too.
* You don’t need to send it all the accessories, just the phone and the battery will do.
* Once the phone is accepted, you will get paid within the following seven days.
* Your old phone will be recycled properly, preventing it from damaging our environment.

Some would say you would be better served to sell your phone yourself and keep more of the profit. While this may sound like a viable option, you must remember that there are no guarantees of a sale.

One cannot think of many better ways to get rid of old phones than mobile phone recycling as no other option allows you to help protect the earth and earn money at the same time.

You should compare the prices amongst all the mobile phone recycling companies before you choose which one to sell your phone to.

Why not gather all your old phones and compare prices to find the best deal and make some extra cash by doing so right away!

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