Protect our Environment and Make Money Doing So when you Decide to Recycle Mobile Phones

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You should recycle your mobile phones if you would like to earn some extra money.

You should not have too much mess in your vicinity according to Feng Shui beliefs as it is believed to have a negative effect on your mental energy. Therefore, you need to either throw it or get rid of it some other way. These days, most of our electronic clutter comprises of old, unused mobile phones as people replace them so often.

Sadly, most of us then end up hoarding our old phones in a dark drawer somewhere, never to be used again. Don’t let your old mobile phones cause unneccessary mess around your how, rather choose to recycle mobile phones and earn some extra cash?

More over than reducing your own clutter when you choose to recycle mobile phones, you can do also help protect our environment and earn some extra money at the same time.

Do you and your friends have a number of old mobile phones just sitting around?Many companies will pay cash for old mobiles, especially if they still work. Do you want to get paid for your old mobiles?

However, before you jump for joy and decide to sell your mobile to the first person you can find, you need read on for some tips that will help guide you through the recycling process.

Top Tips to Help you Recycle Mobile Phones

Some would say you would be better served to sell your phone yourself and keep more of the profit. As good as this option sounds, you have to remember that you have no guarantees of selling it at all.

Many online phone recycling companies exist that will happily pay you decent amounts of money for your old phone. Search the internet and compare prices between the mobile recycling companies to ensure that you get the highest price for your old mobile phone. All you have to do is search for your phone’s model, make and condition on one (or more) of these sites to see how much they are prepared to pay you for it.

You should take a look at the list below before you decide to recycle mobile phones:

1. Remove all your messages and private information before you send them your old mobile.
2. Flush the phone’s memory so that all your files and preferences are removed.
3. Make sure that the battery is fully charged and the phone powered off
4. Clean the phone thoroughly to make sure that it’s looking its best before you send it to be recycled.

You have to be careful that you understand the terms of sale laid out by the recycling company before you proceed with recycling your old phone. Some companies may offer you unbelievable prices which may be payable in 5 to 15 days.

Damaged phones as well as the much older models are normally opened up and stripped for spare parts. Inside of every mobile phone, there are miniscule amounts of precious materials that can be recycled for profit.

You need to compare the prices offered by various companies and then decide the most favourable course of action; i.e. the one that will earn you the most money for your old mobile phone.

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