So What Exactly Is A Bag Phones?

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Bag phones were first manufactured in 1992. Considered as probably the earliest models of the portable cell phone, the phones became popular for the boaters, truckers, and people living in the countryside. One of the earliest manufacturers of the bag phones was Motorola. These phones have proven to be durable, and believe it or not, some of them are actually exist and still in use to date.

The reason why these phones were named “bag phones” is because the phones’ handsets are attached to the transceivers and battery packs which also included to cases. The earlier models of the bag phones were too bulky, but after sometime, Motorola was able to trim the size and it became more sellable. The LCD display of bag phones are also lit by orange or green LED backlights with the numbers in black and white. Users found that a disadvantage of the backlights was when they went out even just after a few seconds of use. Motorola also came up with about a dozen styles of the bag phones.

The leather case of the bag phones also had several pockets, and included a cardboard material inside to make the case solid. The several pockets included the pocket for the battery, a pocket for the manual, a sleeve for the pen (which can also be used for the antenna), and finally a spare pocket for a notepad to jot down notes. The bag phones can also be permanently placed in cars, so that people on the go can use the bag phones whenever, wherever.

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