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Most of us have difficulties at remembering cell phone names, because every company has its own way of denominating products. Sony Ericsson items for instance rely on a combination of letters and figures as a name for their mobiles. There is a specific meaning attached to every character in the title of Sony phones: the initial stands for the phone series, and this feature is general. Then, the next figure represents the subcategory, the third defines progression from the last released item while the final character is either an 8 or a 0. The last elements of such phone names also brings some kind of information.

Whether an 8 or a 0, such characters in the names of Sony phones refer to the product peculiarity when produced for a foreign market. Or, number can distinguished by features but identical in design. The final lowercase letter stands for the market for which the Sony phones models are produced: thus, there will be ‘a’ for the America, ‘c’ for China and ‘i’ for the international market. The i-mode branding is designated by the ‘im’ particle present in the title of the phone.

This is not the only way of naming Sony phones, since modern formats or design rely on a three character pattern such as the P1i for instance. The series of the phone is represented by the initial, the number tells the development from previous models while the lowercase letter indicates the market. Sony phones often receive code names when a certain technological process is set as an objective. Most such names are taken from the female tennis player sponsored by Sony Ericsson. For more details on the code names, you should access the lists of names available on various web pages.

The information encoded in the names of Sony phones is not easy to decipher by the average buyer who knows nothing of previous models, series or sub-series. Retailers will always have a large gallery of products including older models as well as the latest, and people keep guiding their choices after design and price tag. In fact, these are also the elements that producers work on when releasing a new model, even if technical superiority is also touched upon.

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