Stuff to Think About Before you Recycle Mobile Phones

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There are many reasons to recycle mobile phones. Our public waste facilities are filling up with old mobile phones as everyday, people choose to upgrade to newer models. This puts pressure on our planet and causes harm to all those nearby.

It is estimated that by the end of this year the number of new mobile phones being purchased will be over a billion! This means that many individuals will want to find ways to recycle mobile phones within the near future. Did you know that there are already several mobile phone recycling companies on the internet that will give you cash to recycle your old phone?

Make some Money Recycling your Old Mobile

Should you decide to recycle mobile phones don’t you reckon that you might as well receive a cheque in the process? Well, if your mobile is in good nick and not totally obsolete you may be in luck.

Search the internet and compare prices between the mobile recycling companies to ensure that you get the highest price for your old mobile phone. All you have to do is search for your phone’s model, make and condition on one (or more) of these sites to see how much they are prepared to pay you for it.

Should you decide to take the offer you will have to complete a form on their site before receiving a free post bag in the mail. You will then need to send them your old phone, using this bag but be aware that your phone is not insured. Taking this into consideration why not pay a small fee to have your phone sent via signed delivery and make sure that it reaches its intended destination.

Damaged Mobile Phones

Ever dropped your phone in the swimming pool? Is it possible that it could have simply been damaged another way? While you may not get much in the way of cash for a phone in this condition, you will feel great that you properly disposed of it and helped save the environment from dangerous heavy metals such as cadmium as well as other harmful materials.

Many online phone recycling companies exist that will happily pay you decent amounts of money for your old phone. You should take a look at the list below before you decide to recycle mobile phones.

Many companies that recycle mobile phones often remove small delicate pieces from a damaged phone in order to repair another. Some recyclers just ‘mine’ the precious metals found within these old phones.

You see nearly all mobile phones have minute amounts of silver, gold and copper inside. A single phone will not warrant the effort involved in ‘mining’ these precious metals however, when you factor a third of an ounce by millions of old mobiles you’ll soon understand how this could be such a profitable operation.

Find the Best Deal

Once you have decided that you are ready to recycle mobile phones, shop around a bit and you’ll be sure to find the highest price for your old phone in no time at all.

Dust off your old mobile phones and see how much money you could earn by recycling them now!

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