The Cell Phone Grows Again

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Technology has a great way of wanting to make everything smaller and lighter and the cell phone has gone through many many reincarnations in its life time.

Originally called the brick (for obvious reasons at the time) you literally had to be a body builder to carry one around, but technology came to the rescue and gradually shrunk this monster down, and down , and down some more till the buzz of the street was look at the size of this one,

Trouble was whilst this was pleasing to one part of society, the younger generation, us slightly older people often need to wear glasses as the lens in our eyes age. But only for reading and close up work.

So as the phones got smaller and smaller you started seeing older adults holding their phones at arms length so they could either read the screen or read the numbers and if you ever wondered what they were doing now you know.

Things got so bad that companies started designing cell phones with big buttons just so the boomers could use the things.

But …. Technology to the rescue once again (even if unwittingly) and now it’s cool to have touch screens and internet on your phone, but in reality the screen sizes were too small so almost at a pace that is inperceptible cell phones have gone back up in size and now all is well with the world once more.

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