The Enormous Sony Ericsson K810i

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Sony Ericsson K810i is an elegant mobile phone that would catch the eye of most telephone buyers. Its best and most advertised features revolve around the high-tech camera that is able to balance the contrast and the brightness with just one touch of the screen. The pictures that come out are great in quality and look as though they have been made with a professional camera. This camera has 3.2-megapixel specificity and it enables auto-focus without the user’s need to get closer to the object he/she wants to shoot. It is equipped with a Xenon flash, so dark places should bring along no concerns whatsoever. The Sony Ericsson K810i camera has a specific function, the BestPic™ that allows you to shoot 9 photos in the interval of one second. After having snapped all these photos you get to choose which are worthy of keeping.

As for incorporated memory, there are 64 MB plus two more gigabytes included in the Memory Stick Micro, available with Sony Ericsson K810i. The phone is a great improvement in terms of the networks it can function in; it works in GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 and in UMTS 2100. The extra features make the phone a bit heavy as it weighs 103.0 grams, its size also being a little bigger 106.0×48.0x17.0. For knowledgeable buyers, Sony Ericsson K810i will definitely leave aside its extra weight and show features.

In addition to the above mentioned high performing, 16x digital zoom camera, Sony Ericsson K810i comes complete with many other functions that a modern individual needs these days. It further provides an USM mass storage, an infrared port, the video calling option, a web browser with feeds, Bluetooth technology, lots of tri-dimensional games, radio and many more.

Although complex in structure, Sony Ericsson K810i is easy to use. It provides the trendiest and most modern facilities to the user customer and guarantees high quality long term performance. Even if the intricacy of the system is not the buyer’s concern, the easy to use features make the phone appeal to all categories of buyers With the technological advancement going on at such a pace, we might end up carrying a phone with lots of functions and leave the laptop at home.

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